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Stills glass

Stills glass

Product Code:Barnstead FI-Streem

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Thermo Scientific Barnstead FI-Streem Glass Stills effectively remove inorganic solids, organics with boiling points higher than water, bacteria particulates, and pyrogens. The stills are constructed of non-leaching components to ensure high purity water.

  • Patented vapor trap eliminates carry-over of contaminants in the vapor-borne water droplets.
  • Totally enclosed still assures your safety from breakage or hot surfaces.
  • Fully automatic microprocessor controls simplify operation and cleaning, while assuring high reliability.
  • 24-hour automatic control activates still as required to maintain a full reservoir.
  • Frequency of cleaning is reduced with automatic drain cycle in tap feed models.
  • Thermistor and heat sensor offer double protection against low water conditions.
  • Designed with capabilities for tap or pretreated feedwater.
  • Includes automatic start/stop feature when connected to FI-Streem tank or using float.
  • Glass components eliminate the leaching of impurities.
  • Space-saving design; wall- or bench-mounted.
  • Double distillation process increases water purity as compared to single distilled.
Pretreatment Kit
  • FI-Streem deionizer is a simple pretreatment system for FI-Streem III Glass Stills.
  • Pretreated water increases purity and decreases cleaning frequency.
  • Utilizes disposable cartridges for removal of organics and inorganics.
  • Visual “Go/No Go” indicator alerts operator when cartridge replacement is necessary.


Applications include
  • Buffer/Reagent Prep
  • Glassware Washing
  • Dishwasher Feed




Max Pressure psig (kg/cm2) 80 (5.6)
Min Pressure psig (kg/cm2) 10 (0.7)
Auto Start/Stop Controls* Yes
Auto Drain Yes
Low Water Cut-Off Yes
* When connected to FI-Streem tank or using level monitor provided


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