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Titrator | Mettler toledo compact titrator

Titrator | Mettler toledo compact titrator

Product Code:G20

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It's all in the push of a button
The large, color touchscreen with the One Click® user interface is easy to understand, and you'll be able to familiarize yourself with the screen in no time at all. Each user has his/her own homescreen with customized language selection and shortcut keys, which enable routine procedures to be executed with just one push of a button.
Adapt predefined methods to your needs
Over 20 standard tried-and-tested methods from diverse application areas are available as pre-programmed METTLER TOLEDO meth ods and can be used directly. If necessary, they can be easily edited with the well-structured method edito
The direct path to accurate results
The G20 offers a wide selection of standard calculations that can be selected from a list of proposals, and it automatically adapts calculations to modified method parameters. Calculation related errors are no longer a cause for concern. The result unit can be adapted in the user-defined calculations to meet individual requirements.


The Perfect Solution for Dependable Results
  • Fast installation
  • Data storage with optional LabX® light PC software
  • Work safely with chemicals
  • Sensor test ensures high levels of reliability
  • Simple automation
Data storage in PC software
LabX® light titration PC software offers full titrator control, safe database archiving, effi cient management of results with graphic monitoring and individual search fi lters. The convenient Windows®-based user interface and the integrated online help system enable the user to operate G20 via LabX® light titration in a reliable and safe manner.
Compact and simple automation
The automatic Rondolino titration stand is simple to install and uses minimal bench space. Series of up to 9 samples are processed quickly and safely. Dip-rinsing after each analysis ensures minimal carry-over and after the series, the sensor is moved to a fi xed conditioning beaker.


Fast installation Working safely with chemicals Sensor test promises
Both the titrant and the sensor are automatically detected upon connection to the titrator and all applicable data are saved on the burette or sensor chip. These data are directly transferred to the titrator, where they can be saved and monitored. Errors occurring dur- ing the installation of resources are now a thing of the past. Plug & Play safe titration couldn't get any simpler. The Solvent Manager protects the user against contact with liquid chemicals. Fully controlled by the titrator, waste can be pumped out without user intervention. dependable results The sensor test, designed in line with GLP principles, ensures that the sensor complies with applicable specifi cations prior to each titration. This increases the reliabil- ity and accuracy of analyses.


G20 – the starter model
G20: with manual titration stand
G20 Rondolino: with automatic Rondolino titration stand and electrode holder Both come equipped with an integrated burette drive, DGi115-SC Plug & Play sensor, compact rod stirrer and 20 mL burette.
Accessories include printers, Solvent Manager, Dosing Units and much more.


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