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Bath tissue | Temperature controlled tissue baths Biotechnology

Bath tissue | Temperature controlled tissue baths

Product Code:for the Vibroslice

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The 765LP and 765HP Temperature Controlled Tissue Baths are designed for use with the tissue cutters models HA752 and MA752. Research has shown that unfixed brain slices sectioned at 4°C give better tissue preservation and are viable for longer in-vitro recordings. Additionally, some enzyme histochemical techniques give better staining results when sectioned at low temperatures. 

The bath assembly will fit onto a Vibroslice without modification and the bath chamber has the same volume as the standard tissue bath (752/2B). The tissue holder is the standard tissue holder (752/2A). 

Current from the power supply flows through one side of the thermoelectric elements, which act as heat transfer units. Heat is drawn off, cooling the solution in the tissue bath. The heat generated by this process is removed by the water supply fed through the heat exchanger. The unit uses proportional temperature control. 

This will take the bath temperature to within 0.5°C at the point of measurement. The temperature feedback sensor is located in the stainless steel temperature feedback block (the high power 765HP has an additional heatsink block) and will indicate the temperature at the point of measurement. There will, however, be a small variation in temperature vertically through the bath. Experience will show the best temperature to be set for any given requirement and ambient temperature.

Display Resolution 0.1°C
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1°C
Temp. Range 765LP +40 to -1°C
Temp. Range 765HP +40 to -10°C
Note: That the actual temperatures achievable will be dependent upon the solutions used and local temperature conditions
Voltage Requirements
230V, 50 Hz fused at 1A, (2A)
110V, 60 Hz fused at 2A, (4A)
Set via swich on rear of unit
Power Requirement
250W (350W)
Observation Accessories
752LS Cold Light Source
  • 20W/12V halogen lamp, 2000 hour life approx.
  • Fan and electronic power supply
  • Adjustable with potentiometer
  • Twin 500 mm fibre optic light guides
52IM Inspection Microscope
  • Binocular, 45° inclined
  • x1 to x4 zoom
  • x10 to x40 magnification
  • WFx10/20 mm eyepiece
  • 80 mm working distance





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