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Microtome | Vibrating Microtome Biotechnology

Microtome | Vibrating Microtome

Product Code:7000smz and 5000mz

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Our top of the range high precision, vibrating microtome, this is the finest slicer in the world for preparations for visual patch clamping. Cold light and scope or magnifier are optional.

Sectioning for visual patching of neurological tissue, heart and lung have all been published on the previous generation of Integraslice machine from which the 7000smz represents a significant advance in higher precision AND lower cost.

The all-new vibrating mechanism of the 7000smz, developed after 2 years of extensive R&D by our engineers delivers unprecedented accuracy with nearly silent operation. Every machine is tested before dispatch by our in-house measurement devices and each machine is supplied with its own z-axis calibration checker.

The effect of excessive Z-axis deflection on the health and viability of the tissue preparation has been much discussed since the publication of Jonas et al (2003) and the Campden 7000smz will now deliver perfect sections every time with sub-micron z-axis deflection across a wide range of vibration speed and amplitudes.

The all-new user interface is easy and versatile (no foot switch unlike previous models) and offers simple operation at the push of a button or a range of changeable parameters for the expert user. The Campden 7000smz also gives you longevity of performance, in other words it not only gives sub-micron performance out of the box, but the advance vibrating mechanism does not contain bearings and other elements subject to wear. Thus it will retain the sub-micron z-ad performance for years to come, giving you consistency in your biological preparation.

  • Includes a z-axis calibration unit
  • Z-axis blade adjust minimizer
  • Blade holder angle to user requirement
  • Set start and stop position from blade travel.
  • Vibration speeds from 50 to 100 Hz
  • Amplitudes from 0.5mm to 2.0mm
  • Controlled blade advance at 10microns per second
  • Ice water bath easily removed for cleaning
  • Optional cold light and scope for clear observation
7000smz additional features:
  • Choice of manual or automatic operation
  • Auto programming by storage of the first slicing speed and distance profile


7000-1-3 Magnifier x2
7000-1-2 Stereoscope with fixed x5 and x10
7000-1-1 Stereoscope with x20-40 zoom
7000-2-1 LED light with flexible arms
7550-1-C Ceramic blades, pack of 5
7550-1-SS Stainless steel blades, pack of 50


Models 7000smz 5000mz
Section thickness step size 0.001 mm
Bath table rise & fall speed 1.0 mm/sec maximum
Maximum (vertical) travel of bath table 19 mm
Cutting head advance speed Minimum: -4.0 mm/sec (-1.00 during slicing)
Maximum: +4.0 mm/sec (+1.00 during slicing)
Cutting head retraction speed 4.0 mm/sec
Maximum travel of cutting head 40 mm
Blade oscillation frequency Minimum: 50 Hz
Maximum: 100 Hz
(amplitude dependent)
Minimum: 50 Hz
Maximum: 120 Hz
(amplitude dependent)
Frequency step size 5 Hz
Blade oscillation amplitude Minimum: 0.5 mm (nominal)
Maximum: 2.0 mm (nominal)
Minimum: 0.5 mm (nominal)
Maximum: 2.5 mm (nominal)
Amplitude step size: 0.25 mm (nominal)
Power requirements (Selectable) 115VAC 60Hz
230VAC 50Hz
Power rating 100W
Fuse rating (115V)
T2A 250VAC
T2A 250VAC
Light source 100-240Vac 3W
Weight 33Kg (excluding microscope)
Boxed shipping weight 60Kg (excluding microscope)


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