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Electrodes | pH Electrodes from Mettler Toledo

Electrodes | pH Electrodes from Mettler Toledo

Product Code:InLab

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METTLER TOLEDO offers pH electrode for all imaginable applications. The InLab® Solids is specialy designed to cope with solid samples such as sausages or cheese. And if automatic temperature compensation is required, then the InLab® Reach, with or without integrated temperature probe, make it possible ti measure the most difficult to reach samples. The InLab®Surface has been designed to carry out pH measurements on surfaces, such as paper or skin. It is also ideal for measuring drop-sized samples on glass substrates.

The InLab®Viscous has been especially developed for viscous and highly glutinous samples. The SteadyForce reference system guarantees the discharge of electrolyte, even with the most glutinous and fatty of samples, e.g. cosmetics, paints or resins. The form has been chosen so that as little of the sample as possible adheres to the shaft and to facilitate cleaning. The result is a problem solver for one of the most difficult sample typs, the highly viscous materials.




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