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pH Electrode | Tris Calomel pH Electrode

pH Electrode | Tris Calomel pH Electrode

Product Code:Orion 71-10

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Calomel electrodes employ a calomel reference system designed to minimize the possibility of blockage of the reference junction when the electrode is used in samples containing species such as Tris buffer and proteins.

Recommended use
  • Very small samples, microtiter plates.
  • Same as 71-02. Minimum volume 0.1 mL.


pH Range 0-14
Temperature Range 0-90°C
Type Reference Calomel
Junction Ceramic
Dimensions 150 mm x 5 mm, 5 mm section is 90 mm long, cap dia 16 mm


Cat. No. Description
OR7110BN Glass-Body Micro Combination Calomel pH Electrode.  Screw cap connector, requires separate cable.
OR711002 Microflow cell for OR7110BN Calomel pH Electrode


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