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Culture tubes | Hungate anaerob culture tubes

Culture tubes | Hungate anaerob culture tubes

Product Code:CLS-4208

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These tubes and accessories simplify the anaerobic methods in several areas of microbiology. The technique is quite simple: Approx. 4.5mL of media is prepared under non-sterile conditions and gassed with oxygen free gas, then added to the gassed tubes. The rubber stoppers are inserted as the gassing needles are withdrawn and then capped. Once the tubes are autoclaved, they are inoculated with a syringe and incubated in a water bath.

Item Number Item Description Quantity
CLS-4208-01 Complete Hungate Anaerobic Tubes, 16 x 125mm, Supplied Complete with Butyl Stoppper and Cap with 9mm Opening 100
CLS-4208-10 Tube Only, Hungate Anaerobic, 16 x 125mm, White SBS cell Shrink Wrapped 100
CLS-4208-11 Screw Cap Only, Open Top, 9mm Opening 100
CLS-4208-12 Stopper Only, Butyl Rubber, 5.4mm OAH 100


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