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Thermal Cycler MultiGene Mini

Thermal Cycler MultiGene Mini

Product Code:MultiGene Mini

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  • Fast ramping - up to 5ºC/second
  • Intuitive programming
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Interchangeable blocks - 24 x 0.2 ml and 18 x 0.5 ml
  • Economical - half the price of a full size unit

Product informations

Labnets MultiGene Mini is a compact and lightweight thermal cycler, but dont let its small size fool you. This cycler is packed with features typically found only on larger thermal cyclers.

Excellent accuracy and uniformity combine with fast ramping rates to provide quality results. An algorithm calculates sample temperature, based on volume, to control heating and cooling of the block. This means that samples reach programmed temperatures quickly, without any overshoot or lagging. Powerful Peltier units provide ramping rates as fast as 5ºC/second.

Programming the MultiGene Mini is simple and intuitive. The control pad combines function keys, a key pad and arrow keys for easy navigation and entering of parameters. The large graphical display is easy to read. In addition to the standard parameters of time and temperature, the software also allows for successive time and temperature increments and decrements (for touchdown amplification and auto-extension), auto-restart after a power failure, end of cycling elongation steps and extended soaks at 4ºC. One hundred programs, each with up to nine segments, can be stored in memory.

The MultiGene Mini is available with either a 24 x 0.2 ml tube block or 18 x 0.5 ml tube block. Blocks are easily interchanged. Units come standard with an adjustable heated lid. The lid features a slip gear to provide proper compression to prevent sample evaporation without deforming the tubes.

  • 24 x 0.2 ml tubes or 
    18 x 0.5 ml tubes
Programmable temp. range:
  • 4º to 99ºC

Temp. accuracy/uniformity:

  • ±0.3ºC/±0.5ºC at 55ºC
Max. heating/cooling rate:
  • 5ºC/4ºC per second

Heating/cooling method:

  • Peltier
Heated lid temperature:
  • 105ºC

Program memory:

  • 100 programs

Max. cycles/segments:

  • 99 cycles/9 segments

Max. hold time/step:

  • 99 minutes 59 seconds
Dimensions (WxDxH):
  • 8.6 x 11.2 x 7 in
  • 21.8 x 28.5 x 17.8 cm


  • 7.1 lb/3.2 kg
  • 120V/230V, 50/60 Hz



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