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Food Sodium Analyzer Biotechnology

Food Sodium Analyzer

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Sodium Analyzer for Simple & Accurate Analysis
The new Sodium Analyzer determines the sodium content in food products simply and quickly. Reduce sample preparation time and effort by using safe and cheap chemicals while specifically and exclusively measuring sodium ions.


Health risks related to excess salt
The salt content of food products influences the taste, but can also adversely affect health. There is a clear link between sodium intake and high blood pressure. The World Health Organization (WHO) has published data showing that blood pressure is the number one health-risk factor in Europe and food producers are forced to declare or even reduce the standardly used salt (sodium chloride) content in foods.
Simple and accurate analysis
This instrument has been specifically designed to simplify the determination of sodium in food products using the standard addition technique. Simply add a sample and ionic strength adjustment (ISA) solution and start the measurement. That’s it! No system calibration is necessary. Specific sodium analysis has never been so quick and easy.
Reduce investment and operation costs
Not only does the Sodium Analyzer reduce initial investment costs, it also reduces operation costs. Replace the silver nitrate (AgNO3) titrant normally used for chloride determination with the cheaper and safer sodium standards and reagents. Save operator time and increase productivity with fast sample measurements.


Quick and Easy Sodium Determination
This Sodium Analyzer has been specifically designed to simplify the determination of sodium in food products using the standard addition technique. There is no need for sensor calibration and only a very quick and simple sample preparation is required. Save operator time and increase productivity with fast sample measurements.


Easy to use
Operation could not be easier thanks to the smartphone-style Apps design used to control all major functions making it simple and intuitive to use.
No need to navigate everything for routine analyses. One LongClick™ is all that’s necessary to start the last analysis run.
No calibration
Due to the standard addition technique procedure, no calibration is necessary. Just carry out the automated Sensor conditioning and immediately start the analysis.
Reduce operator time
Save on operator time with reduced sample preparation time and effort. Eliminate calibration tasks and increase productivity through fast and simple sample measurements.
Simple result data management
Connect your Sodium Analyzer to EasyDirect™ Titration Software and improve data management. Be secure in the knowledge that all results are stored, collated and easily accessible.


Ready for Your Sample Specific and Accurate
This dedicated instrument is fast and accurate without the need for large instrumentation, complex infrastructure or the high levels of analytical experience and knowledge that are essential for alternative analytical techniques. This Sodium Analyzer leads to a quick return on your investment. Minimize investment and chemical operation costs with the Sodium Analyzer.


Dedicated Na+ Algorithm
The integrated, proven algorithm specifically designed for Na+ determination delivers highly accurate and repeatable results. It has been optimized in a joint collaboration between METTLER TOLEDO and the Zurich University of Applied Science.
Specific & direct measurements
The Sodium Analyzer directly determines the harmful sodium (Na+) of sodium chloride (NaCl) in food products rather than the chloride (Cl-), as is measured by argentometric titration. Thanks to this, you can exclusively measure the Na+ content within each sample and eliminate inaccuracies caused by the presence of other chloride compounds.
Accurate measurements
The evaluation logarithm developed for the Sodium Analyzer’s standard addition technique also makes it possible to achieve highly accurate results that are comparable to well-known, but much more expensive alternative analytical techniques for sodium determination such as Ion Chromatography (IC) or Atomic Absorption (AAS).
Reduced costs
The Sodium Analyzer provides value for money by reducing your initial expenditure. Additionally, operational costs are lower because the expensive silver nitrate (AgNO3) titrant normally used for chloride determination is replaced with much cheaper and safer sodium standards and reagents.


More about the Sodium Analyzer...
Application Know-how
Benefits from METTLER TOLEDO application know-how. Find the most important information in the practical application brochure for sodium determination in food and
beverage products with additional tips and hints.
Service and Support
METTLER TOLEDO is always ready with support, either online or onsite, with a comprehensive range of services. Make the most of our modular selection of standard
service agreements, guaranteeing optimal performance and ensuring that your Sodium Analyzer consistently delivers precise and reliable results.


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30064081 Elektrolyt 0.5M DIPA-HCL-ISA, 25mL
30066674 Elektrolyt 0.5M DIPA-HCL-ISA, 250mL
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