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Biofeedback software

Biofeedback software

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Basic software module model 73100
The basic module includes all of the standard features of the system and allows for basic biofeedback training.


Speciality psychophysiological modules
Stress Test Model 73108
When confronted with an acoustic or visual stress stimulus, all the client’s physiological parameters are recorded. The concluding evaluation shows the client’s vegetative reactions and their intensity (cardiovascular, electrodermal, etc.) and according to the time elapsed, conclusions can be drawn on the client’s psychic processes (e.g. expectancy fear). Each provocation phase length (baseline, announcement, stimulus offer and relaxation) can be selected and is depicted by separation markers in the evaluation.
Tolerance Test Model 73109
The client’s task is to match shape, color and pitch to a moving geometric form. Selection of shape, color and pitch is made using the computer’s mouse and clicking on the correct responses. The program continuously calculates the percentage of correct responses and adapts the difficulty in such a way that the client is able to “just” solve 50 percent of the tasks. Therefore, the client is subject to an “optimum” of constant stress and his psychophysiological reaction components can consequently be evaluated.


Speciality training modules
Breathing Training Model 73101
The system measures and analyzes the client’s actual breathing pattern and then provides a respective ideal breathing curve. Thus, the client trains his/her breathing behavior to match that of the ideal curve.
EDA Relaxation Training Model 73102
The goal is to lower habitual state of arousal or sympathetic nerve activity through skin conductance.
Confrontational Training Model 73103
The client can observe their autonomic nervous system reaction under extreme conditions to try to gain control over them.
Voice Recorder Model 73104
The conversation between client and therapist is recorded and synchronized with the physiological parameter being monitored. Thus the therapist will be able to analyze topics that triggered increased arousal or stress, in detail, after the session.
Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Model 73105
This training module instructs the client to perform defined muscle contractions to gain control over the muscle or muscle group.
Electromyography Relaxation Training Model 73106
The goal of the client is to learn to reduce muscle contractions or produce symmetrical contractions to relieve backaches, tension headaches or other musculature tensions.
Blood Circulation Model 73107
Improve blood circulation through training using temperature feedback.


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