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Perfusion System | Programmable automated perfusion system Biotechnology

Perfusion System | Programmable automated perfusion system

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  • Unattended solution switching: All solution delivery is handled by a ValveBank or ValveLink so you can watch results - not switch stopcocks. Many special features included for easy perfusion control. Low noise circuitry.
  • Increase reproducibility: Valve switching accurate to 0.01 seconds with programs up to 99 hours long under microprocessor control.
  • Program in minutes with Mac and Windows software: Menu-driven interface and liquid crystal screen make quick work of sequence programming and editing. Or use EasyCodeTM on your Mac or PC (available separately).
  • AutoPrime, Pinch & Teflon® Valves: Optional manifold valve arrangement permits programmed priming of reagent lines with freshly oxygenated solution before each switch. Several valve and fitting choices.


"We use the ValveBank8 in electrophysiology on a Xenopus. oocyte recording rig. We have run a twelve-channel manual perfusion delivery system for several years with timed solenoid valves. The ValveBank and accompanying EasyCode Macintosh software allow us to program full wash and delivery sequences in advance with significantly more accurate switching. The new manual perfusion timing option allowed the ValveBank to perform exactly like the controller we had built before. Basically, the ValveBank saves us the worries of monitoring reagent-delivery, and it works."

Dr. David Julius, University of California, San Francisco

Brain slice field recording. Solution delivery performed unattended with a ValveBank8 AutoPrime Perfusion System (shown above).

Courtesy: Dr. Bruce MacIver, Stanford University Medical Center

Others features
  • Network ready interfacing: Combine ValveBanks for control of up to 80 solutions. TTL port for control of camera shutters, recorders, or computer feedback.
  • Plenty of memory - 16 protocols for entire lab: Sequences of up to 64 steps are stored in ValveBank battery backed-up memory. No computer required.
  • Manual and external valve control: Flexible design. Easy cleaning and calibration. Slave mode valve operation by your computer, pClamp, AxoData, etc


"I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the ValveBank8 AutoPrime System. The ability to run four separate drug lines and prime each line with freshly oxygenated solution is ideal for my brain slice experiments. It's great that I can load the reservoirs, press go, and start recording. I can read papers rather than fussing with solutions and switching valves every 10-15 minutes. Since solutions are switched at exactly the same time from one experiment to the next, I have been able to automate my data analysis protocols as well. Lastly, I want to thank you for adding the feature to run any program from within manual mode. That way I can get a steady baseline then run any experimental protocol that I have preprogrammed. Thanks again!"

Dr. M. Bruce MacIver, M.Sc., Ph.D. Department of Anesthesia Stanford University Medical Center


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