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Piezo-Electric (Self Generating) pneumotrace respiration transducer

Piezo-Electric (Self Generating) pneumotrace respiration transducer

Product Code:1132

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The model 1132 PneumotraceII(R) is a rugged, piezo-electric respiration transducer which linearly generates a high level signal in response to changes in thoracic circumference associated with respiration. The 1132 requires NO EXCITATION VOLTAGE !!!

Signal source piezoelectric
Excitation required none
Signal output 20 to 200 mV (into a 1 MOhm load)
Size 11" long, 1" wide, and 0.125" thick
Diameter 8" to over 100" (48 inch "hook and loop" strap provided)
Lead length 10 feet
Other characteristics waterproof and washable
The sample data below was recorded from the chest of an adult male, using our standard 1132.


Using the 1132 for volume assessment
The question is frequently asked: "can the the 1132 Pneumotrace respiration transducer be used for quantative Respiration Volume measurements?" The answer is "frequently, Yes". The 1132 uses a Piezo-electric sensor, and so is inherently "capacitor Coupled". 

The 1132 can probably be used for a number of studies requiring Respiration Volume measurements, unless exact correlation is required. For some studies, you may need to evaluate one to see if it is adequate. Make sure also to keep the input impedance of your amplifier above 1 MegOhm for best results.


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