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  • The piezo-translator PM 10 is specifically designed for the penetration of cell membranes in the context of electrophysiological investigations. The Piezo element is mounted on the motorized X-axis of the micromanipulator DC 3K (has to be ordered separately)
  • By way of this combination, piezo-stepper with a motoried micromanipulator, the advantages of both systems can be combined in an ideal fashion. Through the use of a piezo-stepper head high penetration velocities after a very short travel distance and vibration free movement over long paths can be achieved with the motorized micromanipulator.
  • The piezo-element and all three axes of the micromanipulator are activated by one control unit. Single steps of 0.5 to 10 µm are initiated by pressing a button briefly (0.5 sec.). The advance velocity of the piezo stepper can be set separately to 1-100 mm/sec.
  • Pushing the X-button for a longer period triggers the smooth continuous motorized advance, the speed of which is also selectable.
  • For a successful penetration of a membrane a vibration-free axial movement is required.
  • Through narrow manufacturing tolerances and special oscillation damping stabilizers excellent penetration capabilities have been achieved.
  • The deviation from the ideal axis measured at the tip of the pipette holder (the site of the microelectrode) is less than ±5% of the step size, typically only ±2.5% which means for a µm step only about ±0.25µm.


Cat. No. Description
00-79-220-6810 Piezo-translator PM 10
00-75-220-1814 Remote control for PM 10


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