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Supersorber CO2 Absorber Biotechnology

Supersorber CO2 Absorber

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The anesthesia machines are provided with the new SUPERSORBER . This is a patented veterinary absorber design which discards the traditional "hospital type" absorber construction in favor of advanced engineering features that guarantees the highest degree of quality and performance for the veterinary practitioner.

  • Base - A single base casting mounts all parts and makes all circuit connections. 
  • Canister - A full size refillable canister is supplied. Also, any of available pre-packs can be used. The canister or pre-pack is simply placed on the base gasket. 
  • Dome - A transparent dome, similar to a bell jar, is placed over the canister and fastened with two easy-to-operate toggle latches, sealing it to the base gasket. 
  • Directional Valves - In the circle breathing system, are mounted side by side on the base casting and are axial flow, low resistance, flapper valve type having transparent housings for observing breathing activity and valve action. 
  • Pressure Relief Valve - or pop-off valve, is the BICKFORD PC-1 with swiveling scavenging outlet, and transparent housing. 
  • Pressure Manometer Gauge and Negative Pressure Relief Valve - Are mounted on the top of the transparent dome as is the pop-off valve. 
  • Bag Holder - Is directly attached to the underside of the base casting so that the breathing bag is visible and easy to reach.


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