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Transducer | Pulse transducer

Transducer | Pulse transducer

Product Code:1010

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The 1010 is a rugged piezo-electric transducer which has been designed to reliably monitor and record peripheral pressure pulses, Korotkoff sounds, carotid pulses, small animal respiratory activity, swallowing, and other dynamic biological functions. 

Its small size and high output make it ideal for both teaching and research applications. And since the 1010 is piezo-electric, it does NOT require an excitation voltage! The 1010 is available as an air column coupled transducer too, ask for the 1010C (shown below). 

Signal source piezoelectric
Excitation required none
Frequency response 2.5 Hz. to 5 KHz. (a "charge amplifier" circuit can be used to extend the low frequency response of the 1010 -- contact UFI for more information)
Signal output 20-40 mV into 1 MOhm (typical)
Weight 0.5 oz.
Size 0.9" diameter, 0.5" thick
Lead length 6 feet
Typical 1010 attachment "hook and loop" strap



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