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CMT GPS-REC-CR® Package:

Product Code:12-Channel Base Station System

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High Precision Base Station System

The powerful GPS-REC-CR system includes a 12-channel GPS receiver and our WINBASE base station control software. The high precision Leica 9400R receiver provides tracking of L1 C/A Code and Carrier Phase for post- processing differential correction. The receiver can also directly output an RTCM-104 signal.

Easy Base Station Management

GPS-REC-CR system comes with our powerful WINBASE Base Station management software package. WINBASE is a fully automated Windows-based system for recording, managing, and archiving your base data. WINBASE can be easily configured to perform a variety of user-defined management functions. In addition, WINBASE can be linked to a BBS (Bulletin Board System) or the Internet to become an affordable community base station.

A Complete GPS-REC-CR solution

All you need to get running with CMT's GPS-REC-CR is a PC or a Laptop with Microsoft Windows 95 or better.

The GPS-REC-CR package includes

• Leica 9400R: 12-channel receiver
• Multi-path rejection choke ring antenna
• 30 Meter antenna cable
• 110V or 220V power supply
• WINBASE Base Station Management Software


• High Precision Tracking of L1 C/A Code and Carrier Phase
• 30 - 40 cm accuracy C/A Code
• 1 cm accuracy Carrier Phase
• RTCM-104 Ready
• RS-232 interface
• Dimensions: 1.8"H, 5.4"W, 7.0"D
• Operating Temperature: -20C to 50C

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