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Compact Conductivity meter Biotechnology

Compact Conductivity meter

Product Code:LAQUAtwin B-771

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Determine water conductivity with as little as 0.12 mL of sample. The conductivity of rain water is a trusted guide to determining atmospheric purity. In agriculture, measuring the conductivity of soil allows farmers and agronomists to determine optimum fertiliser usage and check the ‘health’ of soil after salt water damage. The LAQUAtwin meter makes conductivity testing simple, anywhere.

Applications include:
Fresh water testing (rain, rivers, lakes, hot springs); aquaria; soil testing for improved agriculture and analysis of salt water damage; analysis of surface cleanliness prior to coating; and improved paint adhesion.

  • Salt/TDS Measurement
  • Auto range change
  • Temperature conversion(2%/℃ fixed)
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Auto hold
  • Automatic power off(15 minutes)


Model B-771
Measurement principle 2 AC bipolar
Minimum sample volume 0.12mL or more
Measurement range
  • Conductivity:0 to 19.9mS/cm(0 to 1.99S/m)
  • Salt:0 to 1.1%
  • TDS:0 to 9900ppm
Display range 0 to 199mS/cm (0 to 19.9S/m) *1
Range and Resolution (Valid numbers)

① 0 to 199 μS/cm :  1μS/cm
② 0.20 to 1.99mS/cm : 0.01mS/cm
③ 2.0 to 19.9mS/cm : 0.1mS/cm
④ 20 to 199mS/cm : 1mS/cm *1

Calibration Two-point *2
Accuracy ±2%F.S.±1digit (for each range) *3
  • Salt/TDS Measurement
  • Auto range change
  • Temperature conversion(2%/℃ fixed)
  • Waterproof*4
  • Auto hold
  • Automatic power off(15 minutes)
Display Custom (monochrome) Digital LCD
Operating temperature/humidity 5 to 40˚C, 85% or less in relative humidity  (no condensation)
Power CR2032 batteries (x2)
Battery life Approx. 400 hours in continuous use
Main Material ABS epoxy
Dimensions / Mass 164mm × 29mm × 20mm  (excluding projections) / Approx. 45 g (meter only, without batteries)
Accessories included
  • 2 CR2032 batteries
  • 1 Pipette
  • Instruction manual
  • Quick manual
  • Storage case
  • Standard solution(1.41mS/cm) (14mL)
  • Treatment reagent (14mL)
※For the high conductivity standard solution (12.9mS/cm) is sold separately.
*1 When the measured value is out of the measurement range, the displayed value blinks. It should be used only as a guide.
*2 Selectable between one-point and two-point calibrations. High conductivity standard solution (12.9mS/cm) is sold separately.
*3 Repeatability in measurement of a standard solution after calibration using the same standard solution.

① ±5μS/cm (0 to 199 μS/cm )
② ±0.05mS/cm(0.20 to 1.99mS/cm)
③ ±0.5mS/cm (2.0 to 19.9mS/cm)

*4 IP67:no failure when immersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. But the product can not be used underwater.


  • Conductivity Sensor S070
  • Standard solution (Conductivity 12.9 mS/cm) Y071H
  • Standard solution (Conductivity 1.41 mS/cm) Y071L

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