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Compact Salt Meter Biotechnology

Compact Salt Meter

Product Code:LAQUAtwin B-721

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Only compact meter to measure sodium ion to calculate into NaCl based salt concentration unlike the conductivity converted meters.Flat sensor technology and 60 years of sensor engineering realizes a reliable and direct measurement of a drop of the sample from 0.3mL.Unique sensor mechanism realizes direct measurement of solid, viscous, powder samples. Use sampling sheet (sold separately) to measure down to 0.05mL. No need for a beaker to calibrate or measure. Just drop the standards and sample on the flat sensor, saves you time and minimize wasting your precious sample.

Applications include:
Soil and sap testing for improved agriculture; food testing*

* Detection of ions in water only; electrolytes in oils cannot be measured. Ion measurement can be affected by non-target ions.

  • Autocalibration function recognizes standards and is user-selectable for either one- or two-point calibrations.
  • Auto range change
  • Temperature compensation
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Auto hold
  • Automatic power off  (30 minutes)


Model B-721
Measurement principle Ion electrode method
sample volume
0.3mL or more*1
Measurement range 0.1 to 10% by weight
Display range 0.00 to 25% by weight*2
Range and Resolution
(Valid numbers)

①0.00 to 0.99 %  : 0.01 %  by weight
②1.0 to 9.9 % : 0.1%  by weight
③10 to 25 % :1%   by weight

Calibration Two-point*3
Accuracy ±10%(Reading value).*4
  • Auto range change
  • Temperature compensation
  • Waterproof*5
  • Reading locking
  • Automatic power off (30 minutes)
Display Custom (monochrome) Digital LCD
Operating temperature/humidity 5 to 40˚C, 85% or less in relative humidity  (no condensation)
Power CR2032 batteries (x2)
Battery life Approx. 400 hours in continuous use
Main Material ABS epoxy
Dimensions / Mass 164mm × 29mm × 20mm  (excluding projections) / Approx. 50 g (meter only, without batteries)
Accessories included
  • 2 CR2032 batteries
  • 1 Pipette/Instruction manual
  • Quick manual
  • Storage case
  • Standard solution (0.5%、5%)(14mL)/5 pieces of Sampling sheet
*1 Smaller amount(0.05mL or more) can be measured with the sampling sheet B.  (Please close the light shield cover. If a sample that contain particulate, please use ”Sampling sheet holder” (sold separately))
*2 When the measured value is out of the measurement range, the displayed value blinks. It should be used only as a guide.
*3 Selectable between one-point and two-point calibrations.
*4 Repeatability in measurement of a standard solution after calibration using the same standard solution.
*5 IP67:no failure when immersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. But the product can not be used underwater.


  • Salt Sensor S021
  • Standard solution (NaCl 5.0%) Y021H
  • Standard solution (NaCl 0.5%) Y021L
  • Sampling sheet B Y046
  • Sampling sheet holder (for LAQUAtwin) Y048

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