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Ozone Monitor EZ-1X

Ozone Monitor

Product Code:EZ-1X

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For water treatment plants, pulp bleaching mills, ozone generation monitor, photocopier and laser printer centers, fumigation projects, HVAC and indoor air quality systems, vehicular pollution monitors, research labs and pilot plants and wherever ozone exposure is possible. The EZ-1X has a very fast and continuous response. It is rugged and versatile. There are no touchy controls.


  • Constantly monitors your work environment. Shows the ozone concentration by a multicolor graphical display, and alarms when there is a health hazard
  • No installation typically required. Easily understood by non-technical personnel
  • Virtually no maintenance



  • LED readout changes color as ozone level increases
  • Audio alarm and output for data logger
  • Connections for external equipment control
  • For general monitoring and ozone control
  • Many accessories available such as data loggers, calibrators and protective enclosures with heaters and 4-20 mA outputs



Range .02-.14 ppm of ozone (LED scale); 0.02-0.30 ppm via external data readout
Bargraph Display Normally green; Yellow at 0.05 ppm (caution); Red at 0.1ppm (danger)
Response Time Within 10's of seconds of ozone reaching the sensor
Measurement Principle HMOS (heated metal oxide semiconductor) sensor
Size 85 x 35 x 60 mm (3-1/4 x 1-3/4 x 2-3/4 in.)
Weight 140g (5oz)
Power Requirements 12-24 volts DC at 300 mA. AC adapters available worldwide
Outputs LED bargraph, audio alarm, 0-3v analog output such as for data loggers, and external alarm relay contacts. Alarm actuation and relay contact closure at .1 pm (standard) and is programmable.

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