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Ozone Sensor | A-22 Rugged and Versatile Ozone Sensor

Ozone Sensor | A-22 Rugged and Versatile Ozone Sensor

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A general purpose sensor and monitor. Designed for rugged indoor field use, factories, pilot plants, process facilities, and sensor and monitoring uses of all kinds. Uses the same precalibrated sensor modules as our OS-4 permanent monitor and controller. All digital technology.

• Autoranging .030-1.999 ppm and 2.0-20.00 ppm.
• 10% accuracy. T and RH compensated.
• 12 hour (est) battery life. 8 hour charge. 4 hour fast charge available.
• Plug-in precalibrated sensor modules.
• Internal data logger with instant readout of high, low and average of data.
• Data port for external data logger such as our DL-3.
• USB, 4-20 mA, 0-2 VDC outputs for loggers, computers and PLC.
• Tilt stand and wall hanging hook.
• Back light for LCD display.
• Improved HMOS heated metal oxide sensor.
• Size 108 W * 222 L * 64 D mm .71 kg.
41⁄4 W * 83⁄4 L * 21⁄2 D in 1lb 10 oz.
• Power source: Internal rechargeable batteries or 12-24 VDC, 500 mA, from external adapter/charger.



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