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pH Electrode | ROSS Ultra® pH Electrode

pH Electrode | ROSS Ultra® pH Electrode

Brand:Thermo Orion
Product Code:Orion 81-03U

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  • Extended warranty to 24 months when typical pH electrodes warranties are 3 to 12 months
  • Measurements are more stable and accurate
  • Unparalleled pH response to temperature changes
  • Designed for the most difficult samples

Recommende use

  • Fits test tubes, measures samples as small as 0.2 mL. 
  • For use in clinical, pharmaceutical, and food labs, wherever sample size is a constraint.
pH Range 0-14
Temp. Range 0-100°C
Internal Ref. ROSS
Junction Ceramic
Dimentions 165 mm x 6 mm (6mm section is 95mm long)
Cat. No. Description
OR8103BNU pH electrode with BNC connector (1 meter)
OR8103SCU pH electrode with Screw cap  (requires separate cable)

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