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Data logger from Stevens

Data logger

Product Code:Datalogic 3000

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The Stevens DataLogic 3000 (DL 3000) is a powerful, flexible, versatile and scalable data logger. 

Designed using the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the DL 3000 will meet your data acquisition, processing, control and communication requirements.

The analog input channels can be differential or single ended and offer voltage protection to provide reliable monitoring in noisy environments. Supported measurement and sensor types include temperature, 0-5 Vdc, current, 4-20mA loops, resistance, bridges, strain gauges, thermocouples, quadrature, pulse and frequency - all returned in engineering units of your choice. The DL 3000 provides a 24 Vdc loop power supply with suffi cient current to drive sensors. Switchable
excitation and triggering are provided on all channels to simplify wiring and installation.

The DL 3000 provides several popular data bus I/O’s including; SDI-12 (Version 1.3), Two (2) RS-232 ports, RS-485 (optional), and USB 2.0. Other features include a Secure Digital SD card interface that can store over two gigabytes of sampled data.

The DL3000 is designed to be the hub for future expansion hardware including; a graphics LCD display, enhanced digital and analog outputs for user control of sensors and actuators, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Max, GSM/GPRS, and CDMA wireless communications, Internet connectivity, unlimited data processing and management through richly evolving Web Services and an optional camera attachment with video and image surveillance options, allowing photographs or video of an event to be taken and stored as it happens.

User specifi ed operations and mathematical functions and equations can be programmed into the DL 3000 using a Visual Basic-like programming language. Connecting the DL 3000 to telemetry modems, GPS, scales, PLC’s, and other
intelligent devices is made simple with a separate serial port on the back panel offering high-speed communications. The DL 3000 is Internet enabled through a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connection (TCP/IP) and optional Wi-Fi.




  • Inputs: Analog, Pulse, RS-232, USB, and SDI-12
  • Outputs: RS232/422/485, USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.0), Modbus (optional), CAN Bus (optional), Switch voltage excitations
  • Simple configuration for telemetry applications:
    • Satellite
    • Radio
    • Telephone
    • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • High-speed USB 2.0 port (compatible with USB 1.0 devices)
  • SD memory card slot
  • Windows software for easy:
    • Configuration and diagnostics
    • Rapid data exchange to PC
    • Graphical analysis
    • Tabular analysis
    • Data export to other software programs
    • Multiple international languages supported





  • Stand-alone & real-time data acquisition and control
  • Water resources:
    • Water level/stage
    • Water flow
    • Water quality
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Meteorological & Agrimet
  • Soil conditions
  • Machine health monitoring
  • Industrial



Technical Specifications

Power Requirements 9.6 - 16 VDC, 4 mA standby current (telemetry system may require additional power)
Processor TI MSP430, and two 16-bit dsPIC microprocessors
On-Board Data Storage FLASH storage, 2 Gigabytes internal plus removable 2 Gigabyte SD memory card
Logging Interval 1 minute to 24 hours
Real-Time Clock Accurate +/- 1 minute/month, leap year correction, temperature correction
Non-Volatile Memory
  • All setup parameters and clock, battery backup
  • 2 gigabytes of expandable data storage with external SD card
Message Size 6 - 250 bytes typical, no maximum
Serial Port
  • Two (2) RS-232, minimum +/- 5 Vdc levels,
  • 4800 to 38400 baud*
  • USB 2.0
Analog to Digital (0-5 VDC)
  • 21-bit resolution
  • Input impedance: 10 K ohm (min)
  • Two (2) RS-232
  • USB 2.0 (fully compatible with USB 1.0 devices)
  • RS-485 (optional)
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (TCP/IP) (optional) - Auto sensing
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) available
  • Wi-Fi (optional)
  • Removable SD card
Watchdog Timer System resets upon microprocessor failure
Digital to Analog (0-5 Vdc) Output 12-bit resolution
Temperature and Humidity
  • Operating: -40 to 158 F (-40 to 70 C)
  • NEMA 4 enclosure: 100% condensing
  • Aluminum enclosure: 95% non-condensing
Sensor Input Selections
(See expansion module for more inputs)
9 Analog Channels - 8 Single Ended; 5 Differential Ended
  • Input type: 2 wire, 4 - 20 mA current loop
  • Sensor power: 24 Vdc, 12 Vdc, 5 Vdc,
    (12 & 24Vdc under firmware control)
  • Accuracy & Resolution: 0.01% accuracy, 0.002% resolution
  • 21-bit analog single-ended and differential
  • Input: Resolution is 1 part in 2 million (discreet one for each channel)
  • Simultaneous Sampling
Pulse Count
  • Input type: pulse
  • Sensor power: 5 or 12 VDC continuous
  • Maximum rate: 60 pulses per minute
  • High data rate mode up to 40 MHz
  • Input type: SDI-12
  • Sensor power: 5 VDC or 12 VDC continuous, 12 VDC under firmware control (switched)
Two Switched Excitation Voltages: 12V and 24V
Physical Size (L x H x D) Black anodized aluminum housing
6.5 in x 4.5 in x 2.3 in (165.1 mm x 114.3 mm x 58.4 mm)


Add-ons and Accessories

The Stevens DataLogic 3000 is compatible with a wide range of equipment, including accessories to expand its performance.


External Display and GUI Interface

User interface is facilitated by PC / PDA application programs, a computer’s non-proprietary terminal program, and/or optional touch screen display. Stevens’ GUI interface programs for the DL 3000 support multiple languages such as English, Spanish and Chinese.


Expansion Modules

Multiple expansion modules can be added onto the DL 3000 for additional I/O requirements. Each expansion module supports eight (8) analog inputs, one (1) isolated 22 bit A to D input, one (1) analog output, one (1) pulse, one (1) quadrature pair, SDI-12 I/O channels, and one (1) power control output.

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