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LoggerPlus Wireless Transmitting System

LoggerPlus Wireless Transmitting System

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The new Novasina relative humidity, temperature and absolute pressure data loggers for various applications in the air environment excel with versatility, simplicity and data storage capacity.

Essential keys of this system are the USB interface (offline readout) and the managed ethernet, TCP/IP connection (online) by which these data loggers transfer the detected data to a storage device, e.g. a PC. Another asset is the intuitive SmartGraph III software, which simplifies the management of the 3'200'000 data points that can be stored. The big LCD gives a clear view about the actual measurement data as well as battery status, connections, actual date and time. The outstanding data storage capacity allows an independent function for a long period of time. Manifold configuration possibilities such as settings of visual and acoustic alarms, data logging intervals, start/stop functions etc. make these devices versatile and flexible.

These data loggers are the best choice for stand-alone or network applications in laboratories, warehouses, server rooms, archives, production processes, museums, basements, transportation and many more…

3 versions are available:

  • HygroGuard 30 (%RH, temperature, dew point)
  • ClimaLog 30 (%RH, temperature, absolute pressure)
  • DataLog 30 (8x UMB Bus + 2 AI interfaces)


  • Operation:
    • temperature -20 ... +50°C
    • humidity 0 ... 95%RH
    • altitude up to 10'000 a.s.l.
  • Big clear readable 3 line LCD screen
  • Standard 4 x AA batteries for stand-alone use
  • Dimensions: 166 x 32 x 78 mm
  • Power supply by 5V USB connector possible
  • USB and ethernet TCP/IP interface (ready for managed PC networks)
  • Calibration/adjusting by included SmartGraph III software
  • More than 3 Mio data point logging memory
  • Included SmartGraph III software for confi guration, calibration, adjustment,data visualisation & export
  • DIN rail mounting H35 possible
  • Internal acoustic alarm signal combined with LCD alarm sign
  • Flexible data measurement & storage intervall

Technical data

Measurement range:
  • Humidity: 10 ... 95% RH
  • Temperature: -20 ... +50°C
  • Humidity: +/- 2.0 % RH
  • Temperature: +/- 0.3°C

Specifications HygroGuard 30

Article No. 260 0867
Working range sensor rel. humidity 0...95%
Temperature -20...50°C
Measurement principle %RH: capacitive
Temp: NTC
Accuracy %RH: +/- 2%
Temp: +/-0.3°C
Resolution %RH: 0.5%
Temp: 0.1 °C
Dimension 166 x 78 x 32 mm plastic housing
Weight approx. 250 gr
LCD screen specific 3 line segment LCD with status, Alarm, data, time, connection
Power supply 4xAA LR6 battery (>1 year life time) or/and +5V USB interface (PoE option)
Interfaces USB, LAN (ethernet TCP/IP), UMB-bus
Memory 16 MB - 3'200'000 data points
Meas. interval 10 / 30 s, 1 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 30 min, 1 / 3 / 6 / 12 / 24 h
Memory interval 1 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 30 min, 1 / 3 / 6 / 12 / 24 h
Operation cond. -20...+50°C / 0....95%RH (no condensation) / 10'000m a.s.l.


  • Remote real-time monitoring of up to 200 dataloggers on one computer
  • Computer can receive data from loggers up to 120 meters away
  • Programmable audible and visual alarm for each datalogger
  • Each cradle is electronically labeled with an ID number or name
  • Easy-to-follow, color coded computed interface
  • License free wireless communication


RH/TempLog or TempLog logger
Contains built-in sensors for temperature and humidity, plus a built-in external port for additional remote sensors
LoggerPlus Cradle
Transforms your logger into a wireless (RF) transmitter that sends readings at user-set intervals to the LoggerPlus receiver for observation and data storage
LoggerPlus Receiver
A small RF device that connects to your PC to receive wireless dtat from your loggers
MicroLab PlusSoftware
Allows custom, real-time monitoring of up to 200 loggers from a remotely located computer Daily down loading or continuous down loading mode is user selectable
Selectable Views
See each logger as a meter or an icon located on your photo or CAD drawing
  • The quantity of loggers you require
  • One cradle for each logger
  • One receiver (per computer)
  • One MicroLab Plus Windows software package
  • Remote sensors as required - one/logger

RH/Temp.Log and TempLog dataloggers

Range  -30 to 50°C (-22 to 122°F)
Resolution  0.5°C (1°F)
Accuacy  ±0.6°C (1.1°F)
Range  0 to 100% RH
Resolution  5%
Accuacy  ±3% from 0 to 90% RH at room temp.;
±6% from 90% to 100% RH
Memory  Stores up to 16 000 measurements
Output  Infrared: IRDA (infrared Data Association) interface to printer or computer with IRDA port; RS232: Cable connection to your computer (order cable/software package separately)
Sampling Rate  Selectable via software from once per 10 seconds to once per two hours
Software Required to download readings to a computer and to set sampling rate (order software separately). Software can be used with multiple loggers. Software is compatible with Windows 3.x and Windows 95/98/NT/ME CDRom
Display  Two digit LCD display, 3/8 in. H, with mode indicators
Housing  Temp.Log: IP65 rated; RH/TempLog: IP60 rated
Power  Internal Lithium battery, 3.6V
Dimensions 2.8 in. diameter x 0.9 in. D (7.2 x 2.3 cm)
Weight  0.2lb (0.1kg)
Logger Cradle
  • Audible alarm, and LED alarm
  • serial communication
  • CE and FCC standard compliance
Channels  RS232 at 19.2
Connectors 4-pin flat connector to logger, 4 pin flat connector to any external sensor, screw terminal for external DC supply
Power Supply
  • Internal: replaceable internal lithium battery, 3.6V 1/2AA
  • External: 6 to 30V minimum 300mA or use AC adapter
RF Transmission EMC conformant to ETS 300-683 Type approved to ETS 300-220; Useable range to 120m (35m indoors) 915.5 MHz, 1mW
LoggerPlus Receiver
Useable Range  Up to 120m (35m indoors) One RS232 port to the computer (or USB)
Power Supply
  • Internal: Lithium battery, 3.6V, 2AH, AA
  • External AC/DC 6V adapter
RF Receiver Red LED indicating RF signal
Green LED indicating valid dat being
Approved to ETS 300-220
  • CE and FCC standard compliance
MicroLab Plus Software
Data Display Capabilities
  • From up to 200 loggers
  • Real-Time temperature and humidity readings
  • Visual alarm when the logger crosses an upper or lower alarm threshold for temperature or humidity
  • Battery level
  • An Excel file containing all measured data received from the device
Set Up 
  • Capabilities
  • ID of each loggers
  • Alarm levels of each logger
  • Sampling rate from once every minute to every hour
  • Comments
  • Calibration and scaling external sensors
  • View as plant locations or on screen instruments
Min. Computer Requirements
  • Windows 95/98 and high
  • 6MB disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Available communication port


WD-35710-00  Oakton TempLog Logs temperature
WD-35710-10  Oakton RH/TempLog Logs temperature and humidity
WD-35710-20  LoggerPlus transmitter & alarm cradle
WD-35710-25  LoggerPlus receiver, includes software, cable, and 110 VAC adapter
WD-35710-55  MicroLab Plus Windows software on CD-Rom
WD-35710-70  Temp. sensor, -50 to 100°C, stainless steel, 3.25L x 0.125 dia
WD-35710-72  Current sensor 0 to 20 mA
WD-35710-74  Voltage sensor 0 to 10V
WD-35710-76  Contact sensor
WD-35710-78  pH adapter with BNC connector 0 to 14 pH (pH electrode sold separately)
WD-35710-63  AC/DC adapter, 110/VAC
WD-35710-64 AC/DC adapter, 220/VAC
WD-35710-65  Replacement 3.6V lithium battery
WD-35710-69  USB communication cable cradle to PC
Spare part LR 6 AA battery incl.
DIN hut rail mounting kit incl.
Power supply USB 90...260VAC -> 5V DC 260 0872
Power Box 90...260VAC -> 24V (Log-PU) 260 0869
M12 UMB connector 260 0873
Analogue connector incl.
USB-cable incl.


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