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Windmeter | Display WM44P

Windmeter | Display WM44P

Product Code:WM44P

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Display unit and wind speed sensor with pre-alarm and alarm. Ideal in conjunction with the Anemo4403 sensor. Adaptable to a wide range of anemometer sensors. Pre-alarm (ALARM1) and Alarm (ALARM2).

Designed for panel mounting, such as in electrical cabinets. Especially designed for construction cranes. For installation on DIN RAIL see model WM44-P.


3-digit wind read out.
2 alarm indicator LEDs enabled “AL1 and AL2”.
Wind speed in km/h and mph.
Programming in kilometres/hour ( km/h) or in miles/hour (mph). P01
You can switch between km/h and mph at any time by pressing “Select”, a user accessible button.

The alarm is triggered when the programmed value is reached or surpassed and it has includes a delay to prevent false alarms due to short gusts.

The alarm is disabled when the wind speed drops below the programmed value and provided this condition persists for a minimum period.

When ALARM 2 is enabled ALARM 1 is disabled.
When ALARM 2 is enabled, the reading on the display will blink,
as a warning.
Alarms can be programmed for the following: trigger values, intermittent or continuous, interlocked (only alarm2).

The alarm outputs are through voltage-free relay contacts. Choice between: on contact open or on contact close.

Possibility of alarm interlock 2. With the alarm disabled when the unit’s power supply is cut off.

Suitable for a wide range of sensors:
Power supply sensors: 20 V or 10 VDC, from the unit itself. types : 3-wire and 2-wire (see examples on faceplate connections
from the unit itself).
We RECOMMEND pairing the unit with our Anemo4403 model.

In addition to user-programmed another, alternative programming can be saved in memory. This can be retrieved any time by going to the program step. P00 option 4.



Technical characteristics
Power supply 230 VAC 50-60 Hz (other
voltages, please consult us)
Reading precision
( 100 Hz =
100 km/h )
+/- 1
Power consumption < 3.5 VA Maximum speed 999 km/h /620 mph
Input signal periodic square, sine-wave,
1 to 750 Hz . 5 to 35 VDC or 4 to
24 VAC.
Relay contacts 4 Amps 250 VAC.
  Non-condensing relative humidity in accordance with IEC 68-2-3
and IEC 68-2-27
Input impedance -For Anemo4403 sensor or namur connection : 1000 Ω
-Direct: 10 kΩ
Shocks in accordance with IEC 68-2-27
Types of input:
Compatible sensors
- Sensor mod. onix Anemo4403
- 3-wire sensors (pnp,npn..)
- namur
- Direct outside signal (see “Input signal” )
Vibrations in accordance with IEC 68-2-6
Output power supply
10 or 20 VDC (+-10%) IP protection level IP50
Operating temperature -20 °C a 70 °C Approximate weight 0.350 kg approx.








Wind Speed Sensor ANEMO 4403


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