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Weather Software

Weather Software

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WeatherMaster Software™ for Professional Weather Station Monitoring

A professional-grade weather monitoring software. This software package is designed for specialized markets that require robust weather calculations, interoperability with computer models, and data interfaces to other industrial systems. WeatherMaster weather software utilizes a Microsoft Access® database for easy data access and manipulation.

WeatherMaster Software:

  • Iinterfaces automatically to CAMEO/ALOHA software for hazardous chemical plume modeling offered by the EPA
  • Displays current sensor values and calculated parameters in the Current Conditions screen
  • Displays daily high and low values for all parameters
  • Displays 24-hour trend graphs for all parameters
  • Displays a daily statistics report
  • Calculates evapotranspiration for the day
  • Calculates degree day temperature values
  • Calculates density altitude
  • Can export text and html data to web servers
  • Has multiple alarm features with email, or cell phone text messaging, notification methods
  • Has relay control
  • Automatically logs all measured and calculated parameters every minute to the database
  • Is capable of monitoring multiple weather stations via an Eithernet or multi-serial port connection
  • Features Quick-North calculations for wind sensor orientation to True or magnetic north
  • Displays downwind vector wind and wind character plotting screens


WeatherMaster has a built-in interface to ALOHA software to automatically input live weather readings for on-the-fly toxic plume modeling.


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