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Vaisala Weather Transmitter Access to Real Time Weather Data

Vaisala Weather Transmitter Access to Real Time Weather Data

Product Code:WXT520

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The Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT520 measures barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature, and wind speed and direction.

To measure wind speed and direction, the WXT520 has the Vaisala WINDCAP® Sensor that uses ultrasound to determine horizontal wind speed and direction.

The array of three equally spaced transducers on a horizontal plane is a Vaisala specific design. Barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity measurements are combined in the PTU module using capacitive measurement for each parameter.

It is easy to change the module without any contact with the sensors. The WXT520 is immune to flooding clogging, wetting, and evaporation losses in the rain measurement.
Measuring Acoustic Precipitation
The WXT520 precipitation measurement is based on the unique Vaisala RAINCAP® Sensor, which detects the impact of individual rain drops. The signals exerting from the impacts are proportional to the volume of the drops.

Hence, the signal from each drop can be converted directly to the accumulated rainfall.

The WXT520 measures accumulated rainfall, rain intensity and duration of the rain – all in real time.


  • Measures 6 most essential weather parameters
  • Applications: weather stations, dense networks, harbors, marinas
  • Low power consumption
    • works also with solar panels
  • Compact, light-weight
  • Easy to install with one-bolt mounting method
  • No moving parts
  • Heating available
  • Vaisala Configuration Tool for pc
  • USB connection
  • IP66 housing with mounting kit


Dimensions (mm (inches))


Technical Data
Speed Range 0 ... 60 m/s
response time 250 ms
accuracy ±3% at 10m/s
Output resolutions 0.1 m/s, 0.1km/h,
Units 0.1 mph, 0.1 knots
Direction Azimuth 0 ... 360°
Response time 250 ms
Accuracy ±3°
Output resolution and unit unit 1°
Air Temperature
Range -52 ... +60 °C (-60 ... +140 °F)
Accuracy for sensor at +20 °C ±0.3 °C (±0.5 °F)
Accuracy over temperature range (see graph below)

Output resolutions and units 0.1 °C, 0.1 °F
Barometric Pressure
Range 600 ... 1100 hPa
Accuracy ±0.5 hPa at 0 ... +30 °C (+32 ... +86 °F)
±1 hPa at -52 ... +60 °C (-60 ... +140 °F)
Output resolutions and units 0.1 hPa, 10 Pa, 0.0001 bar, 0.1 mmHg, 0.01 inHg
Relative Humidity
Range 0 ... 100 %RH
Accuracy ±3 %RH within 0 ... 90 %RH
±5 %RH within 90 ... 100 %RH
Output resolution and unit 0.1 %RH
Operating temperature -52 ... +60 °C (-60 ... +140 °F)
Storage temperature -60 ... +70 °C (-76 ... +158 °F)
Operating voltage 5 ... 32 VDC
Typical power consumption 3 mA at 12 VDC (with defaults)
Heating voltage 5 ... 32 VDC / 5 ... 30 VACRMS)
Serial data interface SDI-12, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, USB connection
Weight 650 g (1.43 lb)
Housing IP65
Housing with mounting kit IP66
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Complies with EMC standard EN61326-1; Industrial Environment
IEC standards IEC 60945/61000-4-2 ... 61000-4-6
Liquid Precipitation
Rainfall Cumulative accumulation after the latest automatic or manual reset
Output resolutions and units 0.01 mm, 0.001 inches
Accuracy 5%*
Rainfall duation Counting each ten-second increment whenever water droplet is detected
Output resolution and unit 10 s
Rain intensity One-minute running average in ten-second steps
Range 0 ... 200 mm/h (broader range
with reduced accuracy)
Output resolutions and units 0.1 mm/h, 0.01 inches/h
Hail Cumulative amount of hits against the collecting surface
Output resolutions and units 0.1 hits/cm2, 0.01 hits/in2, 1 hits
Hail duration Counting each ten-second increment whenever hailstone is detected
output resolution and unit 10 s
Hail intensity One-minute running average in ten-second steps
Output resolutions and units 0.1 hits/cm2h, 1 hits/in2h, 1 hits/h
* Due to the nature of the phenomenon, deviations caused by spatial variations may exist in precipitation readings, especially in a short time scale. The accuracy specification does not include possible wind induced errors.


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