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Weather Station | Vantage Connect for Davis Weather Stations

Weather Station | Vantage Connect for Davis Weather Stations

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Vantage Connect®
Vantage Connect from Davis Instruments provides the power to manage your environment, mitigate risk and make smarter decisions.

Have you ever wished that you had an extra pair of eyes and ears in a remote area of your property, workplace or vacation home to check weather conditions? Davis Instruments has the solution: Vantage Connect.

Vantage Connect allows you to track weather data from any remote location that has cellular coverage without leaving your home or office. Solar-powered and self-contained, Vantage Connect combines the function of a weather station receiver and GSM modem to report weather data from multiple Davis Weather Station configurations.

Vantage Connect installed with a Vantage Pro2 Sensor Suite (#6323) that includes a 24-Hour Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield.

The real-time information is available online via smartphone, tablet or PC, allowing you to identify and manage potential problems, including those resulting from:
  • Frost or Freezing Conditions
  • Extreme Heat
  • High Winds
  • Heavy Rain
  • Pest or Disease Development *

* When paired with any Davis IPM software (PC only).


Remote Weather Data, Versatile Integration
Vantage Connect allows you to view your weather data anywhere you have internet connection in 5, 15 or 60-minute update intervals (depending on the service plan chosen). Whether you need to monitor erratic winds, unpredictable micro-climates or protect against a hard freeze, Vantage Connect can be programmed to send vital alarms via email or text in real time.

Specifically designed for locations with no additional power sources, Vantage Connect is equipped with a heavy-duty back-up battery that supplies ancillary power even in areas with little to no light. The wireless unit can listen to a combination of eight of the following Davis Weather Stations:
  • 1 Vantage Vue ISS
  • 1 Vantage Pro2 ISS (any model)
  • 1 Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station
  • 2 Wireless Temperature/Humidity Stations
  • 3 Wireless Temperature Stations
  • 1 Anemometer/Sensor Transmitter Kit

Available in both wireless and cabled versions, Vantage Connect can either take the place of your console or work with your console to send weather data directly to the “cloud” using mobile technology. The wireless version of Vantage Connect is radio-compatible with Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Vue transmitters and repeaters for easy integration as a new remote station or into an existing weather station.

Free Mobile Apps
See your Vantage Connect station data on your smartphone.
Scan the applicable QR code below or search for WeatherLink
on iTunes or the Google Play Store.


Vantage Connect is equipped with an integrated data logger and includes WeatherLink software. Your personal weather data is uploaded to a secure page on and can be viewed online or downloaded directly to your computer for analysis, archiving and reporting. You can choose to either manually download your data or set up automatic download times.* is Davis’ global weather network. Adding your weather station and Vantage Connect to the network is as simple as “plug-and-play”.

* Automatic downloads to your PC only occur when the WeatherLink software is running.


Vantage Connect at a Glance WIRELESS CABLED
Can listen to up to 8 transmitters Yes No
Maximum number of integrated sensor suites (ISS) 1 1
Maximum number of Anemometer/Sensor Transmitter kits 1* 0
Maximum number of Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature stations 1** 0
Maximum number of Temperature stations 3 0
Maximum number of Temperature/Humidity stations 2 0
Stored memory capacity: 5-Minute Update Interval 1 month 1 month
15-Minute Update Interval 3 months 3 months
60-Minute Update Interval 1 year 1 year
Compatible with repeaters Yes No
* When used to extend Vantage Pro2 anemometer from the ISS. Otherwise, 0.
** Can use 2 only if one is leaf wetness and one is soil moisture.


Your Remote Weather Data Solution
Vantage Connect is a self-contained, weather-resistant, solar-powered unit that comes with mounting hardware. Vantage Connect can be mounted on a Mounting Pole (#7717) or Mounting Tripod (#7716) and placed in areas where remote weather reporting is essential.

An annual service plan is required and hardware is subject to a one-time activation fee. Choose one of three update intervals.
Update Interval Annual Service Plan and
Product Number
5 minutes Call for pricing and part no.
15 minutes Call for pricing and part no.
60 minutes Call for pricing and part no.

Computer system requirements:
Windows XP and above. iPhone and Android compatible. Not compatible with Mac or Envoy 8X.


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