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Lysimeter | Ready-To-Go Lysimeter

Lysimeter | Ready-To-Go Lysimeter

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Different specifcations:
→ 30 cm depth
→ 60 cm depth
→ 90 cm depth
→ 30 cm diameter
→ 0.5 m² surface area
Up to 4 Ready-to-go Lysimeters can be connected to one data logger en which is installed outside on a pole.

The logger is connected to the SVADSS Data Integration Box, which enables plug and play use to get the measured data via Internet.

The Ready-To-Go lysimeter is instrumented with soil moisture probes and matrix potential probes which are connected to a data logger, as well as a compact climate station.


Ready-to-go Lysimeter with
data logger in the field
Data Integration Box enables the
connection between logger and web
The lysimeter vessel is fitted on a weighing
system and tipping counter


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