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Soil Moisture Indicators - Tensiometer Environment

Soil Moisture Indicators - Tensiometer

Product Code:R

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This is the standard model irrometer used with all irrigated row, field, and tree crops. The Model R can also be used in greenhouse and nursery applications, or when monitoring the Vadoze Zone.

Standard features of this irrometer include a tough plastic body that is impervious to attack by soil chemical or electrolysis, a durable ceramic tip responsive to soil moisture variations, and a sealed gauge that indicates soil function from 0 to 100 centibars.

Gauges operate counter-clockwise. A large reservoir holds a reserve supply of water to replace water lost by the action of drying soil and there is a handy screw cap for filling the fluid reservoir. Partial unscrewing of this cap realeases air and refills the tube with water from the fluid reservoir.

All joints are permanently sealed. Irrometer fluid, supplied with the accessory Service Unit, colors the water for easy water level observation. TheModel R Irrometer requires Service Unit and Soil Coring Tool with initial order. Remove when temperature falls bellow 20°F.

Cat. No. Description
IR106-0000 Model R Soil Moisture Indicator - 6" long
IR112-0000 Model R Soil Moisture Indicator - 12" long
IR118-000 Model R Soil Moisture Indicator - 18" long
IR124-000 Model R Soil Moisture Indicator - 24" long
IR136-000 Model R Soil Moisture Indicator - 36" long
IR148-000 Model R Soil Moisture Indicator - 48" long
IR1001-000 Service Unit - required with initial order. Includes hand vacuum pump, 1 oz. bottle of irrometer fluid,
and 25 monthly chart forms.
IR1002-000... Test Pump Service Unit - same as IR1001-000 except that hand vacuum pump has test gauge for checking the exact calibration of irrometer gauge at the same time air is evacuated.
IR1004-000... Irrometer Fluid
IR1012-000... Soil Coring Tool (required with initial order) - provides proper hole diameter for best contact between porous tip and soil. 30" long.



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