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Data logger (low cost) for continuously monitoring water levels and temperature in wells

Data logger (low cost) for continuously monitoring water levels and temperature in wells

Product Code:DipperLog

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The Heron dipperLog offers a wide range of sampling intervals with pressure ranges to 400ft (120m) water head with temperature.

The dipperLog is a low cost data logger for continuously monitoring water levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. Its small size allows the dipper-log to be used in well diameters as small as 3/4 of an inch (20mm).The dipperLog is a durable & reliable ground water data logger. It is very easy to launch and even easier to download when used in conjunction with a barLog barometric logger. No need to open separate files, the Heron designed software does it all for you. Because of the unique “grab” of the barometric pressure during set up of the dipperLog there is no requirement for elevation correction. Down in the valley, or on top of a mountain, it is spot on every time.

Also available on a reel or a completely submersible instrument.


  • Automatic elevation adjustment with short term static barometric compensation.
  • Long term automatic barometric compensation with the Heron barLog.
  • Real time reading of height of water and temperature.
  • Rapid real time reading (10 measurements / sec) with text and graphing.
  • Compatible with the Heron dipperWave wireless remote reading system.
  • Easy field recalibration.
  • Comprehensive data management system is incorporated into the program.


DipperLog On A Reel

  • The dipperLogs can be mounted on a reel for easy transport and deployment on short term tests.
  • The reel incorporates the readout connection.
  • These units can be fitted with graduated cables for convenience.



  • Long term ground water level and temperature monitoring.
  • Short term pump and slug testing.
  • Tidal studies.
  • Monitoring dewatering projects
  • Wet land studies.
  • Long term monitoring of open bodies of water, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.


With the high-speed measuring facility you can:

  • Measure the permeability of highly permeable strata.
  • Monitor the pore water pressures in soils subject to high transient loads.
  • Record wave heights on beaches or in harbors.
  • Measure hydraulic surges in pipes.
  • Monitor pore water pressures caused by pile driving operations in saturated soils.


Sampling Options

The Heron dipperLog allows the user to select measurement intervals from one second up to 255 hours.

A ‘log’ time reading facility is included. The first reading starts at one second, there after the time interval doubles with each reading for 255 readings which lasts for nine hours. At this point the logger can be downloaded and reformatted to take a reading every hour without removing the logger from the well.

Rapid real time readings.

In this mode all data points are stored directly onto a laptop. A real time graph is displayed during the recording / measuring period. There is no limit to the number of data points that can be recorded with this facility.

The Heron dipperLog is configured to measure and record a data set at all designated sampling intervals.

Barometric Compensation

The dipperLog measures absolute pressure (water pressure + atmospheric pressure). To measure the height of the water column only it is necessary to subtract the atmospheric pressure. This is referred to as ‘barometric compensation’. With the dipperLog, barometric compensation is a fully automated process. The dipperLog has two methods for barometric compensation.


First method:

  • Each time the logger is “set up” it takes a barometric pressure reading. This reading also takes into account the altitude of the logger.
  • This reading is stored in the logger memory and will be used to compensate automatically each reading taken by the logger until it is re-launched.
  • This one time reading is also a default reading and will compensate automatically any reading taken in the absence of a Heron barLog.


Second method: Using the barLog.

  • When a Heron barLog is used it will be given a job number that will correspond with the job number given to the loggers on the site.
  • The barLog takes a reading of the barometric pressure every hour.
  • The Heron dipperLog program will compensate automatically any dipperLog that has the same job number.
  • The program will search its files and compensate according to the date and time matches between the dipperLog and the barLog.
  • This is a fully automated operation.
  • The uncompensated measurements are given in a column in the text file. These readings may be compensated manually if required.


Using the dipperLog

  • Programming the dipperLog could not be easier.
  • Install the dipperLog program onto your computer then connect the logger to the computer using the direct read cable.
  • Select the level of program that you need, beginner or advanced, then simply enter the required information into the boxes on the set up screen.
  • While you are setting up the logger the program adjusts automatically for altitude and takes and stores an initial barometric measurement.
  • Click ‘load information to logger’ and then ‘start logger’. It’s that simple.
  • For easy reading in the field, the program is displayed on the screen in an extra large format using bold black characters against a yellow background.
  • The dipperLog time can be synchronized with the computer time or the user can choose to enter a different date and time.
  • Battery, memory usage and real time sub screens are provided.


Download and Data Management

Ease of use and versatility are evident in this function.

Connect the dipperLog to the computer as before during the setup procedure.

Select "download data".

The data appears as a text and / or CSV file that gives you a variety of options, including graphing, choice of file locations, and an email ready file. The measurement units can be changed and datum elevation added.

Barometric compensation is automatic.

If a Heron barLog has not been used, the compensation will default to the initial value measured automatically during the setup. The barLog may be downloaded at any time during data collection.

An example of the effort Heron has made to make the program ultra user friendly is that it can be operated without using the mouse or cursor. Each instruction on the program has one character underlined. Press Alt and the key for that character and the program responds.


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