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Data logger | Water pressure data logger

Data logger | Water pressure data logger

Brand:Global Water
Product Code:PL200-G

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Water Pressure Data Loggers Product Description
The PL200-G Water Pressure Data Loggers are the latest addition to Global Water's line of rugged remote water pressure recording instrumentation.  The Water Pressure Loggers make it easy to verify low water pressure complaints, locate water pressure spikes, and even provide water distribution system modeling data.  The Water Pressure Loggers' large memory buffer will store over 81,000 water pressure readings with user defined intervals from 1 per second to more than 1 per year.  Plus, you can easily capture momentary pressure spikes and dips with the Water Pressure Logger's fast, 10 water pressure samples per second sampling mode.  (Note: Fast recording will reduce battery life.)  The Water Pressure Loggers' programmable start and stop alarm times makes it possible to synchronize multiple water pressure data loggers to start at the same time, delay starting until a preset time, or limit the number of recordings during a day.  With the Water Pressure Data Loggers standard ¾ inch garden hose connection and compact, water resistant enclosure, the PL200-G Water Pressure Data Loggers can record water pressure data just about anywhere you need it.  The Water Pressure Data Loggers operate on two standard 9 volt batteries, which they monitor so you are never caught off guard with dead batteries.  A third onboard lithium battery ensures your water pressure data will be safe in the event you are unable to change the 9V batteries before they fail.
The PL200-G Water Pressure Data Loggers are best suited to watch and evaluate client water pressure complaints such as those from homes newly attached to a pre-existing water main or those near construction projects working on water systems.  The Water Pressure Loggers were specifically designed for this application and have taken into account the need to be portable, rugged, and provide time-stamped water pressure data that can be compared with the water pressure being delivered by the local water utility.  


Water Pressure Data Loggers Specifications
Water Pressure Data Loggers
Pressure Range 0-200 PSI, 300 PSI overpressure
Accuracy + 1.0% FS
Pressure Connection Standard ¾ inch garden hose thread
Memory Non-volatile flash memory
Power Voltage Two 9VDC alkaline batteries standard.  8 VDC Min. to 24.0 VDC Absolute Maximum
Standby Current 65uA Typical
Logging Current 5mA Typical + sensor current
Sample Modes
  • Fixed Interval Programmable from 1 Sec. to >1 Year
  • High Speed 10 Samples per second
  • Logarithmic Sample Rate (Approximation)
  • Exception (Log only on deviation from previous reading)
Storage Capacity 81,759 Recordings for all inputs plus time stamp
Data Overwrite Select memory wrap or unwrap (unwrap will stop logging data once memory is full)
Communication Ports USB Type B
Selectable Baud Rates 9600, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 115200
Clock Synchronizes to the time and date of user's computer
Operating Temperature Industrial, -40° to +185°F (-40° to +85°C) (Battery may not apply)
Weight 0.8 lbs (363 g)
Dimensions (Enclosure) 3-1/8 x 3-1/8 x 2-1/8 inches (7.9 x 7.9 x 5.4 cm)
Datalogger Software
  • Compatible with Microsoft's Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista and 7
  • Windows and Excel are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation
  • Tabular Display/Printout
  • Data in standard spreadsheet format (.CSV)
  • Programmable alarm start and stop times
  • Field calibration software and help files included 


Water Pressure Data Loggers Software Information
The PL200-G Water Pressure Data Loggers are equipped with a standard USB data port and includes our user friendly Global Logger II Windows software, which allows for easy setup, calibration, upload, and water pressure data transfer to a spreadsheet program on your laptop or desktop PC. The Global Logger II Windows software also has online help files that are easily accessed using drop down menus and links to quickly find the answers to your questions. Purchase of the Water Pressure Logger includes a USB cable for communication between the water pressure logger and your computer.


Battery Life Considerations for the PL200-H Data Logger

The PL200-H Fire Hydrant Logger uses a 3.6 volt lithium battery who’s characteristics are shown below. Unlike alkaline batteries, the nature of lithium batteries is to hold a constant output voltage over time until the end of their life, at which time the output declines rapidly. This stable output voltage is required in order to maintain accurate pressure readings from the transducer and to keep the circuitry running reliably.


In a powered down state the logger will draw about 70uA of current. From the above graph, this indicates a battery life in excess of 2 years at room temperature. However; when the logger is taking readings, the transducer must be powered up and the current is increased to about 5mA. If readings are being taken at slow sample rates this increased current is not very significant. At faster sample rates this increased current can become a much larger factor and the battery life can be greatly reduced. Temperature will also affect the battery voltage and it isn’t possible to accurately predict battery life under all conditions. In the worst case the sensor is powered up all the time, during fast sampling mode for example. At this sample rate the life will be reduced to about 3 weeks or less.

When using high sample rates, the battery life can be increased significantly by using slower sample rates, or by reprogramming the logger with a slower rate when pressure recording is completed. Another method is to set the start and stop timers to only log data during a specific period of time. Once the stop timer is triggered, the logger will stop recording data and the sensor will remain powered down until the logger is restarted as described in the manual.

In order to maintain the integrity of the recorded data, the logger is programmed to stop recording pressure readings to memory when the battery voltage falls below about 3.2 volts. At that time the voltage is so low that the battery is almost completely dead and the readings would start to become meaningless. In order to check the battery voltage, the reading should be taken when the sensor is powered up and the maximum amount of current is being drawn. This can be done by connecting to the logger with the Global Logger II software and selecting Sample Continuously mode, or by programming the logger into Fast Sample Rate mode and clicking on Get Sample.

The battery voltage monitor is factory calibrated and will give an accurate voltage reading. Any voltage below about 3.4 volts indicates a low battery state and the battery should be replaced as soon as possible. Use only a 3.6 volt lithium high capacity battery available from most electronics suppliers. Replacements can also be purchased from Global Water.


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