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pH Meters and non-glass Probes from Hach

pH and Conductivity Meters from Hach

Product Code:H170

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H-Series H170 Portable pH & Conductivity Meter Starter Kit


The H-Series handheld meters are dual-technology pH (non glass "ISFET" and traditional glass). These rugged meter systems showcase a large LCD display with LED backlight, and have the ability to accurately measure pH(ISFET or glass), mV, Temperature, ORP, and ISE. These ultra-modern waterproof handheld meters are engineered to give years of reliable service in the most of difficult applications. 








  • Compliance: CE.WEEE
  • Inputs: BNC (1) 3.5 mm, Phone (1) 8-pin, Waterproof ISFET pH (1), Waterproof conductivity (1)
  • Interface Languages: English
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Output: -
  • Parameter: pH, mV, ORP, Temp, conductivity, TDS, salinity
  • Warranty: 3 



What's in the box?

H170, pHW77-SS, CDW97-KP5, soft-sided case (00130Q), pH4 1 Oz, (85009Q), pH7 1 Oz (85010Q), pH10 1 Oz (85011Q), rinse bottle 1 Oz (85012Q), 1000µS/cm std.100ml (1440042)





H-Series H170 Portable pH & Conductivity Meter (No Probe)





H-Series Meter, Rubber Holster





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