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Water-Quality Multiprobe Environment

Water-Quality Multiprobe

Product Code:Eureka Sub2

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The Eureka Sub2 multiparameter water-quality multiprobe measures temperature, optical dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, depth or level, and ORP – all in one package that delivers data in the toughest field conditions. Our multiprobes are known worldwide for ease of use, reliable data, and economical operation.

The Sub2 delivers professional-grade data in fresh or salt natural waters to 200 meters deep. It’s designed for ease of use with direct USB connection to your PC, automatically loading software, operating-status LED’s, and a PDA-based field data display that uses the same software as your PC. With features like a refillable reference electrode and virtually unbreakable cables, the Sub2 has the lowest lifetime cost of any multiprobe on the market.

  • Highly reliable water-quality data for temperature, optical dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, depth or level, and ORP
  • Learn the software in 10 minutes
  • Industry-best customer service
  • Use in lakes, rivers, estuaries, aquifers
  • Manual mode, unattended logging mode, and/or real-time telemetry mode


Manual Surveying

Collect data all day at multiple sites; download
it directly into MS Excel
Cell or Satellite

Turn-key system,
real-time data saves
manpower costs
Process Control

Let the Sub2 monitor
multiple process
parameters 24/7
Unattended Logging

Collect data for weeks
at a time to minimize
manpower requirements and safety issues


  • temperature
  • optical dissolved oxygen (lifetime method)
  • conductivity / salinity / TDS
  • pH
  • ORP
  • depth or level / stage


Parameter Specifications range resolution accuracy comments
Temperature -5 to 50°C 0.01  ±0.1 never needs calibration
0 to 20 mg/l ±0.2
20 to 50 mg/l
0.01 ±0.2
±10% of reading
compensated for temperature
and salinity; choose from
"intensity" (ODO) or "lifetime"
(HDO) fluorescence methods
0 to 200 % sat
200 to 500 % sat
0.1 ±1% of reading ±0.1 % sat
±10% of reading
0 to 10 mS/cm 0.001
10 to 100 mS/cm
±1% of reading ±0.001 mS/cm
0.01 ±1% of reading
corrected for
temperature; four
easy-to-clean graphite
electrodes; optional sensor
provides ±0.5% of reading
0 to 1000 μS/cm
1000 - 100,000 μS/cm
±1% of reading ±1 μS/cm
±1% of reading
salinity total
dissolved solids
0 to 70 PSS
0 to 65 g/l
4 digits ±1% of reading ±0.1 PSS
±5% of reading
pH 0 to 14 units 0.01 ±0.2 corrected for temperature
stage (vented level) 0 to 10 mS/cm 0.001 ±0.003m (±0.03% of FS) corrected for barometric
pressure and salinity
depth 0 to 10 m
0 to 25 m
0 to 50 m
0 to 100 m
0 to 200 m
±0.02 (±0.2% of FS)
±0.05 (±0.2% of FS)
±0.1 (±0.2% of FS)
±0.2 (±0.2% of FS)
±0.4 (±0.2% of FS)
compensated for temperature
and salinity; optional sensors
provide higher accuracy


Multiprobes and External Battery Packs Dimensions
length with
weighted sensor
guard, inches
length without
weighted sensor
guard, inches
weight with
weighted sensor
guard, pounds
weight without
weighted sensor
guard, pounds
weight in water
with weighted
sensor guard,
Eureka Sub2 1.95 16 14 3 2 2
Model 20 and
Sub2 External
Battery Pack (2")
1.95 n/a 10 n/a 1 0.0


  • Underwater cables – use underwater cables with your multiprobe when you are doing manual surveying or using telemetry; they are not necessary for unattended logging applications.
  • Power options – use a Y-cable when you have your own power supply (such as in telemetry systems) or use a Battery Box (rechargeable lithium-ion battery) with a data display or with cables longer than 50 meters; the Battery Box also comes with a Bluetooth option which allows operation of a data display without holding onto the cable at the same time.
  • SDI-12 and TTL adapters – use the SDI-12 adapter to convert your multiprobe output from RS-232 to SDI-12; use the TTL adapter to make the multiprobe output compatible with third-party devices (such as some data loggers) that require TTL signal levels.
  • Battery packs for logging – order the Internal Battery Pack when you order a 3.5”, 4”, or 4.5” multiprobe if application is unattended logging, or order an External Battery Pack at any time for your 2”, 2.5”, 3”, Sub2, and Sub3 multiprobes if your application is unattended logging.
  • Calibration solutions – check out our supply of all the popular calibration solutions at good prices and delivery times.


Realted Product
Eureka 2 water-quality multiprobe - the Eureka 2 provides your choice of up to 14 sensors from a selection of 22 sensors for the most extensive data requirements and most demanding field conditions.
Eureka Sub3 water-quality multiprobe - the Sub3 is an economical Eureka 2 multiprobe specially configured with temperature, optical dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity/ salinity/ TDS, ORP, depth or level, and turbidity built into a housing less than 3” diameter.
Eureka DD2 data displays – the DD2 is a waterproofed PDA useful as a field data display for Eureka 2 multiprobes while retaining all the utility of a PDA; it uses the same user-interface software as the Eureka 2’s PC interface so you don’t have to learn two software structures.
Eureka TS2 telemetry systems – the TS2 telemetry system installs in the field in minutes with no user programming; you can view data at any Internet connection. The TS2 uses your choice of cellular or satellite communications for
high reliability at lowest cost.


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