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Non-Metallic Sampler Environment

Non-Metallic Sampler

Product Code:US DH-81

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The US DH-81 Sampler is available in both non-metallic and teflon/FEP varieties. Both units contain a 1L sampling bottle, 1/4" nozzle, and a 3ft wading rod. The wading rod on the teflon model is plastic-covered. Extensions for wading rods are also on-hand. Other configurations of this sampler are available, please call for details.

Cat. No. Description
308-D81 US DH-81 Sampler, plastic
308-L15 Wading rod extension, 3ft, for 308-D81, Also for 301-D48, 3ft, SS
308-L23 Wading rod extension, 3ft, for 308-E81: plastic covered, 3ft, SS

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