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RTK Bridge-C from Intuicom

RTK Bridge-C from Intuicom

Product Code:Bridge-C

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The RTK Bridge–C connects to the Internet via embedded cellular modem and automatically logs on to Real-Time Network servers. The RTK Bridge–C establishes connectivity, authenticates, and then pulls the
appropriate RTK corrections for a variety of precise positioning applications.


It takes only minutes to get from the box to the field. Simply have the access parameters along with the message type you wish to receive, and you can get started. New Windows® based software makes setup even faster.


The RTK Bridge offers the option of an embedded radio (UHF or 900 MHz) to transmit network corrections to equipment that rely on radio connectivity. Non-radio versions of the RTK Bridge are available for direct connections where feature-rich, hardened NTRIP connectivity is required or when used with a 3rd-party or legacy radio system.



The RTK Bridge has demonstrated best-in-class performance for all major Real-Time Networks including:
- Trimble VRS™
- Leica GNSS Spider
- Topcon TopNet
- Geo++®

The RTK Bridge-C supports:
- NTRIP 1.0 and 2.0
- Standard TCP/IP protocol



OGet connected and put all the power of a Network RTK to work for you. Save daily setup time, eliminate base station maintenance and configuration issues. Get the RTK Bridge-C and get productive - start saving time and money now.

Hardware Specifications
Enclosure Ruggedized aluminum; IP66
Size h)53 mm x (w)167 mm x (l)143 mm
Weight 850 g
Operating Temperature -30º C to +70º C*
Power (@ 12VDC) 5W-18W (dependent on configuration)
Input Voltage LEMO 8-PIN (Part No. FIP1-900MCR-8); LEMO 5-PIN (Part No. FIP1-900MCR-5)
Input Voltage 12-24 VDC
Connectors TNC (female)
RF Base, Rover, Rover/Repeater- GPS or TPS modes
GPS Antenna TNC (female)
Modem TNC (female)
Data Interface RS232: LEMO (2X)


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