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Dendrometer-Basal Area Factor

Dendrometer-Basal Area Factor

Product Code:Criterion RD1000

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It’s the first electronic Basal Area Factor (BAF) scope and dendrometer specifically engineered for the forest industry utilizing the latest technology and established measurement techniques.

The integrated tilt sensor for slope-corrected measurements complements easy-to-use BAF and diameter routines. Add an adjustable LED measurement bar scale with variable brightness, and you can make gathering highly accurate data almost effortless, even under the most challenging conditions.

With unparalleled precision, low cost and ease of use, the Criterion RD 1000 will change the way you work in the woods.


Hardware Specifications
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 16.5 cm (2.75 x 2 x 6.5 in)
500 g (1.1 lbs)
Data Com Serial RS232 input/output
Power 3.0 volts DC nominal; (2) AA or (1) CRV3
Environmental Water and dust resistant, NEMA 3, IP 54
Temperature -30 to +60° C (-22 to +140° F)
Optics Normal 1x; Magnified 2.5x
Displays External LCD and internal LED
Units Imperial and metric
Mount Monopod/tripod mount (1/4 in–20 female thread)
Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. (Rev. June 2010)


Keys Features
  • Measure the diameter of tree stems or limbs as well as the heights at which a specified diameter occurs
  • View the percent slope grade of a plot and determine whether a tree is “In” or “Out” of your sample
  • Shift the illuminated measurement scales instead of positioning yourself at a set distance
  • Displays direct readouts of measurements on the in-scope LED
  • Adjust the brightness levels seen inside the scope
  • Use as a slope-corrected BAF-scope for variable plot cruising
  • Quickly determine the limiting distance for “borderline” trees
  • Enjoy seamless integration with all LTI’s laser rangefinders and compatible software


Gamme de mesure
Criterion RD 1000 Measuring
  • Diameter: 5 to 254 cm (2 to 100 in)
  • Basal Area Factor: 0.2 to 29.1 m2/hectare (1 to 127 ft2/acre)
  • Inclination: ± 90 deg


  • Diameter: ± 6 mm out to 24 m (0.25 in out to 80 ft)
  • Inclination: ± 0.1 deg; typical


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