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Laser Rangefinder Monoculars

Laser Rangefinder Monoculars

Product Code:LRM 1500M/1800S/2200SI

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LRM 1500M/1800S/2200SI
The LRM 1500M, 1800S and 2200SI are Newcon Optik’s newest laser rangefinder monoculars. Each device is the result of many years of research and development and is designed to address the requirements of thousands of LRM users around the world.

The LRM 1500M is for users requiring basic functionality and high reliability. It features a true measurement range of 1,500m (NATO target) and can recall 10 measurements from device memory.

The LRM 1800S features a true measurement range of 1,800m (NATO standard target) and performs accurate speed measurement. For border patrol, law enforcement and other professionals tasked with perimeter control, the LRM 1800S is an invaluable tool.

The LRM 2200SI features a true measurement range of 2,200m (NATO standard target) and is reliable in practically all weather conditions. A built-in high quality compass and inclinometer enable speed, elevation and azimuth measurements.


Model LRM 1500M LRM 1800S LRM 2200SI
Magnification  7x  7x  7x
Beam divergence 2.0 mrad 2.0 mrad  2.0 mrad
Objective lens diameter  25 mm  25 mm  25 mm
Field of view  8°  8° 
Laser type  Eye-safe 905 nm  Eye-safe 905 nm  Eye-safe 905 nm
Diopter adjustment range  ±4  ±4  ±4
Distance measurement range*  10-1,500 m  10-1,800 m  10-2,200 m
Azimuth measurement range  6,400 mils / 360º
Elevation measurement range ±80º
Distance accuracy  ±1 m  ±1 m ±1 m
Azimuth accuracy  ±2º
Elevation accuracy  - ±1º
Distance resolution 1 m  1 m  1 m
Measuring time (seconds)  0.5 sec  0.5 sec  0.5 sec
First/Last logic V
Gating capability/Step  - V
Metres/Yards display V V
Computer output - -
Last 10 readings recall  V
Reticle shape selection (+ or []) V
Target quality indicator V
Scan mode  V V V
Speed detector V
Operational temperature -25°C ... +50°C  -25°C ... +50°C  -25°C ... +50°C
Storage temperature -45°C ... +65°C  -45°C ... +65°C  -45°C ... +65°C
Battery 9V Lithium non-magnetic  9V Lithium non-magnetic 9V Lithium non-magnetic
Tripod socket V
Weight without battery  445 g  445 g  450 g
Dimensions 127x125x60 mm  127x125x60 mm  127x125x60 mm


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