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PC-GPS Version 3.8

PC-GPS Version 3.8

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Other Features
1. Batch import for PC-GPS feature files (*.FTR) and DXF files. Option to import them into one or individual documents.
2. Dynamic display of distance and azimuth in the Measure Distance and Map – Add Feature functions.
3. Ability to convert any three consecutive nodes into an arc.
4. Create Mesh function now supports rectangular grids (defined by user).
5. A pre-defined pattern/symbol table for displaying feature data. This is particularly useful when bringing field data into PC-GPS. The pattern/symbol table can be edited in the Custom Configuration dialog.
New features added to an existing topic will automatically use the existing topic symbol.
6. Width can be changed for dashed lines.
7. The Sheet View will automatically update the built-in attributes if changes are made. 
8. All fields of the sheet view table are now maximized to fit the window size.
9. Popup Menu for Sheet View. You can change the color settings and also save the Sheet View data to a .CSV file.
10. Feature ID or Sequence Number can be displayed in sheet view.

11. Two new built-in attributes have been added to the sheet setup: N_2DRMS_sec and E_2DRMS_sec.
12. The Join function has been enhanced to allow 2 overlapping areas to be joined into 1 area.
13. Enhanced Coordinate Information Screen shows you which Geoid Model is being used to calculate orthometric height (MSL). In this screen, you may specify whether to use HAE or MSL when displaying, importing or exporting elevations.
14. Map View enhanced with Pan and Zoom to Previous tools.
15. Unitless scale added to Map View and Plot Preview.
16. File Summary also displays UTC start and end times.
17. When digitizing a feature, you may snap to another feature
18. Islands may share a border with the surrounding area.


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