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Depth Indication System from Leica

Depth Indication System from Leica

Product Code:MC200 Depthmaster

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Turn your dipper stick into a measuring tool!
The Leica Depthmaster from Leica Geosystems is designed for Digging applications where only indicate control is required. Mounted on the dipper stick it works with any rotating laser and transforms your dipper stick into a measuring tool. The Leica Depthmaster reception area is 200°. The intensity of the LED cluster of indicator lights can be seen even on the brightest of days and indicates the on grade position relative to the plane of laser light. With its patented internal verticality control system, grade control will be more accurate as verticality is a prerequisite for precise measurements.


  • Works with any rotating laser.
  • Daily set-up can be done in minutes.
  • Delivers accurate grade readings with its built-in patented plumb indication.
  • Can be installed on any excavator or back-hoe.
  • Comfortable reactivation while in stand-by without leaving the cabin (Shake to Wake).
  • Intuitive indications and uses – no extensive studies of manual necessary.
  • Very easy to understand and use.


Depth Indication System
Constant Accuracy Band (CAB)
Maintains “on-grade” accuracy regardless of operating distances spot size, or rotating laser type, either ±1/6” (4 mm) or ±1/2” (12 mm) depending on jobsite requirements.
Pole Mount
When used with the optional clamp-on assemblies, the Depthmaster can be pole mounted for use on any machine.
Magnetic Mount
The Depthmaster is extremely convenient with its powerful magnetic mount. It takes seconds to attach to the machine. No drilling or welding is required.
When the Depthmaster is out of the range of the laser an LED will blink indicating which way to move the sensor to reacquire the laser.
Shake to Wake
The unique “SHAKE TO WAKE” system turns off non-essential electronics after 5 minutes of non-use. It automatically turns back on when your machine begins to move again.
Indicate or Automatic Control
The Depthmaster can be used as an indicate only system using the highly visible LED’s for grading or excavating. Using an optional control panel, the Depthmaster can even be used for full hydraulic blade control.
Patented Plumb Indicator
Monitors the excavator’s dipper arm vertically for consistent and accurate grade readings.
Mirror Image Mounting
Front and rear display panel of the Depthmaster are the same for mounting on either side of the machine


Constant Accuracy Band ±1/6” (±4 mm) or ±1/2” (±12 mm)
Sensor Reception Area 8.3” (210 mm) vertical, 200° horizontal
Power Requirements Ni-Cad, rechargable battery or 11 – 30VDC
Battery Life Greater than 48 hours of use
Battery Saving Automatic stand-by after 5 minutes of non-use, complete shut off after 1 1/2 hours
Weight 5.216 lbs. (2,3 kg)
Dimensions 10 x 5.7 x 3” (254 x 145 x 76 mm)
Clamp-on Brackets
Mounting (pipe)
Round 2” (50 mm)
Square 1 1/2“ (38 mm)
Magnet Mounting Any flat ferrous surface
Pulling Force 450 lbs. (220 kg)
Weight 5.3 lbs. (2,4 kg)


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