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Laser Detectors | 360° Laser Detectors for Machinery Land surveying

Laser Detectors | 360° Laser Detectors for Machinery

Product Code:MR360R

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The MR360R offers accurate grade information for all visual machine control applications. Large 360° detection windows pick up any rotating laser, from any angle. Built-in vertical indicator monitors angle of the stick, signaling if it's plumb or under- or overextended. Vertical position ensures consistent and accurate grade readings, saving money by reducing over- or under-cutting. Two models are available: MR360R with heavy-duty clamps and MR360RA with large magnets for quick mount and easy movement from machine to machine.


  • 5 LED indicators show position of the bucket or blade in relation to laser beam.
  • Vertical indicator LED on receiver blinks if dipper stick is not plumb. LED arrows on remote display indicate which way to move to straighten the stick.
  • Memory function stores the last signal received. Arrows indicate if the beam is high or low, allowing you to quickly reach the reference plane.
  • Rugged, waterproof construction. Built-in shock mounts minimize machine vibrations.
  • Selectable accuracy (fine and coarse).


Remote Display
• Clear remote display panel mounts to the windshield with a heavy-duty suction cup or magnetically to the cab or window frame. Won’t block operator’s view.
• Displays the 5 channels of the receiver, plus the vertical indicator arrows. It receives the information via wireless RF link (no cable needed).
• Plugs into the cigarette lighter (accessory plug) in the cab.
  • As soon as you turn on the MD360R the communication with the receiver is detected
  • The remote display is dedicated to the receiver; no problem of frequency interferences
  • You can turn off the receiver from the remote display in the cabin: saving battery life.
MR360R can be purchased without remote. For optimal use of vertical indicator, the remote with direction arrows is required.


Operating distance* 650 ft. (200 m)
Reception 360°
Capture window 9.75" (25 cm)
  • Fine: ±1/8"-1/2" (3-12mm)
  • Coarse: ±3/16"-1" (5-25mm)
Vertical indicator +/- 5°
Waterproof IP67
Charging time 16 hours
Battery life 40h (depends of the using mode)
Power Battery rechargeable Ni-Cad
Frequency range 100' (30 m) between MR360R and MD360R
Size 14.75" x 3" x 4.25" (37.5 x 7.5 x 10.7 cm); 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) without clamps
* Range and accuracy vary with laser used.


Carrying Case Included
  • MR360R rechargeable receiver with magnet or clamp mount
  • 110/240V charger for MR360R
  • MD360R remote display
  • Suction cup (for MD360R mount)
  • User manual

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