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Total Station

Total Station

Product Code: Zoom30 Series

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GeoMax is an internationally active company developing, manufacturing and distributing quality construction and surveying instruments. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of integrated instruments for the construction, surveying and mapping industries. Both occasionaland professional users are addressed with GeoMax’s easy-to-use, yet highly productive, range of Total Stations, GPS, Lasers, Optical and digital levels.

GeoMax is part of the Hexagon Group, Sweden, a global technology group with strong market positions within measurement technologies. Hexagon is the world leader in multidimensional measurements within the macro and microm segments of the measurement and positioning market. The famous international companies within the Hexagon Group have delivered since more than 150 years precision products and solutions to the measurement industry. This technology is supported by a comprehensive sales and service network covering all continents with over 100 branches.

The close cooperation within the Hexagon Group grants GeoMax’s access to state of the art development and production facilities in Europe, America and Asia. This enables us to focus on delivering products that “work when you do” by optimizing quality and productivity. Through a continually growing distribution, GeoMax products are available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East delivering outstanding price-to-performance.

accXess™ EDM Technology
GeoMax’s accXess EDM Technology provides class-leading refl ectorless measurements.

Exceptional refl ectorless performance up to 600 m. The extra small EDM footprint and sophisticated signal processing technology ensures you maximum accuracy regardless of the distance or conditions.
USB Port
Data transfer, import and export is easy using the USB interface port on the GeoMax Zoom30. A 4GB high performance USB memory stick is provided with every GeoMax Zoom30 series instrument.
Laser plummet
The Zoom30 series’ laser plummet delivers you accurate and easy centering every time. The bright laser beam is easily visible and eliminates time consuming procedures required with an optical plummet. You win at every set-up.
Complete system
GeoMax not only provides you with a highly productive instrument, but also with a complete set of accessories to meet your demanding tasks. With everything in one box, GeoMax “Works when you do!”.


Complete Communication Control
The GeoMax Zoom30 series provides you with complete control over your data and communication. Choose between Bluetooth, USB-Stick, 2 USB-Ports and an RS232 to import and export your data in customized and standard formats.

A powerful onboard database is at your fi ngertips. Export to a variety of standard formats such as ASCII and DXF or create your own custom format. Data can be imported from a wide variety of sources. Control all your data onboard using the integrated data and fi le manager or import data directly into GeoMax Geo Office.

GeoMax’s fl exible PC software provides the ideal offi ce companion to the GeoMax Zoom30 series.

Data can be stored on the large internal memory and transferred using the device you choose. With the Zoom30’s flexible communication options you can choose your favorite communication method.

Bluetooth, USB and RS232 can be used to transfer data quickly, securely and flexibly.


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