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Versatile Rotating Lasers from Leica

Versatile Rotating Lasers from Leica

Product Code:Roteo 35G

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The Leica Roteo 35G has all the characteristics of the Leica Roteo 35. In addition, it has a green laser beam for better visibility in very bright conditions and over very long distances. The pioneering green laser beam is four times more visible to the human eye. So you have the best possible visibility.

All-round cost and time savings
Our practical product solutions, e.g. the wall mount bracket and the available accessories, such as the remote control, detector and target plate, allow you to work more efficiently and save time and money. You can work alone, without an assistant.


Delivery package: (Art. No. 772787)
  • Leica Roteo 35G rotating laser
  • Motorised wall mount
  • RRC350G combined remote control / detector unit with clamp
  • 9V-battery for the combined unit
  • Battery holder for alkaline batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • International charger
  • Green target plate
  • Green laser glasses


Professional tools to make site work simpler
Installing ceilings and walls

Using the motorised mount, the Leica Roteo 35 / 35G is easily
moved up or down on the wall for ceiling grid installation.
Align ceilings and drywalls in record time by working more
Marking out right angles

The Leica Roteo family is also a great help in the vertical
plane. The combination of a vertical 360° reference plane and
plumb beam simplifies layout. Allowing you to work accurately
and efficiently on interior works.
Aligning partitions and windows

The Leica Roteo’s highly visible laser beam eases the task
of aligning furniture and fittings. The laser detector ensures
good visibility, even over particularly long distances in very
bright lighting conditions.
Stairs and roof pitches

You can position the Leica Roteo 35 / 35G manually or
by means of the wall mount bracket at any angle between
0° and 90°, allowing you to work without any problems
on stairs and roof pitches.
Marking without attachment points

The clamp rod and mounting platform is fitted between the
floor and ceiling. This eases the task of marking walls and
provides you with a stable mount for working at heights up
to 290 cm.
Levelling double floors

The laser detector with clamp and staff allow you to set raised
floor supports to millimetre accuracy. Nowadays it is a simple
and quick job to set a raised floor.
Positioning drywall components

The convenient combined remote control/detector for the
Leica Roteo 35 / 35G quickly finds the rotating reference-laser
beam and acts as a target plate. A series of acoustic signals
indicates the precise position of the laser beam plane.
Laying paving

Inclinations can be directly set on the Leica Roteo 25H, making
laying paving, child’s play, e.g. in a garage entrance or garden.


Original accessories for the Leica Roteo family
R250 laser detector with clamp for Roteo 20HV/25H/35
Art. No. 772793
For locating the red reference laser beam
RRC350 combined remote control/detector with clamp for Roteo 20HV/25H/35
Art. No. 762771
For locating the red reference laser beam
RC350 remote control
Art. No. 762770
For operating the rotating laser from a distance
CLR290 Clamp Rod*
Art.No. 761762
With mounting platform
CTP106 aluminium tripod
Art. No. 767712
Lightweight aluminium with side clamp screws and shoulder strap.
Working height from 1.00 m to 1.65 m
CET103 crank-head tripod
Art. No. 768033
Quality aluminium tripod with quickrelease clamps, level and shoulder strap,
working height from 0.84 m to 2.46 m (including screw-out central pillar)
CTP104D aluminium tripod
Art. No. 767711
Medium aluminium with quick-release clamps and shoulder strap.
Working height from 1.05 m to 1.66 m


Range up to 150 m (500 ft) radius with laser receiver
Self-levelling accuracy ± 3 mm at 30 m (± 1/8'' at 100 ft)
Automatic self-levelling laser horizontal, vertical horizontal
Self-levelling range ± 4.5°
Rotation speed variable 0, 150, 300, 450, 600 rpm
Scanning angle variable between 2° and 36°
Wall mount bracket motorised
Dimensions laser (H × W × D) 189 × 136 × 208 mm (7.4 × 5.4 × 8.2'') (without wall mount bracket)
Weight with batteries 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs)
Battery types Alkaline D cells, 2 × 1.5 V or rechargeable battery pack (NiMH)
Battery life 25 hours (rechargeable), up to 40 hours (alkaline batteries)
Protection class IP 54, dust- and splash-proof


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