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All-in-one  laser receiver, grade rod, digital measuring tape

All-in-one laser receiver, grade rod, digital measuring tape

Product Code:Smart Rod

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Work faster, work smarter!
Get elevation readings 4 times faster with SmartRod’s linear technology. It picks up the laser beam fast and gives you a digital readout.

No rod-reading errors and no tedious calculations for cut-and-fill: just push a button and read it directly on the LCD! SmartRod: true innovation for your jobsite.

  • All-in-one: laser receiver, grade rod, digital measuring tape
  • Automatically calculates cut-and-fill
  • Makes work quicker and easier


  • Checking elevations
  • Cut-and-fill measurements
  • Working to a fixed reference, as for setting forms
  • Creating benchmarks and offsets
  • Height or length measurements (electronic tape measure mode)



Beam reception
  • Caption window is so much larger!  6.5" on the SmartRod vs. 2.5" on a standard`detector (16.5 cm vs. 6 cm).
  • Linear Receiving Technology (LRT): the beam only has to touch some part of the window; it does not need to be in the center.
SmartRod finds the center.
It’s easy to find the beam, even down in a trench where you can’t see the laser!
  • Elevation reading
  • Cut & Fill
  • Tape measure mode: measure interior heights without a laser


Range* ** >9’-10”/3 m to working range of laser
Accuracy ±3/32” / ±2.5 mm
Range of reading Elevations from 3.3 ft. to 13.2 ft. / 1 m to 4 m
  • Feet/10ths/100ths
  • Feet/inches/16ths
  • Metric
Beam capture angle 120° minimum
Laser detection window 6.5" / 165 mm
Detectable laser beam 610 nm to 780 nm
Battery life
  • Control panel: 3 x AA, min 60 hrs.
  • Receiver: 3 x AA, min 3,000 measurements
Standby of capture mode 30 seconds
Automatic shut-off 5 minutes
Operating temperature 14°F to 122°F / -10°C to + 50°C
IP protection IP54
Weight 8 lbs. / 3.6 kg
Warranty 1 year
* At short range, below 3 m, high output lasers can cause inconsistent readings. Please restrict use of SmartRod in short range.
** Depends on laser and distance.


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