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Wooden/Fiberglass Tripod  Quick Coupling Land surveying

Wooden/Fiberglass Tripod Quick Coupling

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Quick Clamp Wood/Fiberglass Tripods An outstanding combination of hard maple legs with fiberglass dowels makes this the most versatile tripod on the market. Our fiberglass dowels are unique due to their structural plastic polystyrene core, and will not shrink or swell under changing weather or temperature conditions. This tripod also features powder painted metal parts, double banded extension legs for extra stability and shoulder strap.
Cat # Description
60-WDF20 72" (183cm) open, 42" (107cm) closed, 5/8" x 11 thread, flat head; 16 lb. (7.2kg) net wt.
60-WDF25 72" (183cm) open, 42" (107cm) closed, 3 1/2" x 8 thread, flat head; 16 lb. (7.2kg) net wt.
60-WDF30 97" (246cm) open, 59" (107cm) closed, 5/8" x 11 thread, flat head; 26 lb. (11.8kg) net wt.


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