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Software | VisionTerrain Software

Software | VisionTerrain Software

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VisionTerrain provides only the functions and tasks you need, to have a quick and friendly learning process for all your team. VisionTerrain supports the largest range of manufactor equipment for data collection, including those from competitor. Geo-Plus is dedicated to make YOUR day-to-day life easier.

Dot’s, Governments, Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors around the world have chosen to use VisionTerrain to ease their work since 1987.

Unique features
  • Easy configuration and customization
  • Translation/rotation using least squares
  • Intelligent line connectivity simplified
  • Minimum key in operation
  • Complete COGO functions
  • Combined scale factor for distance
  • LandXML export/import for alignment, points, surface, ...
  • MiniCAD available on the field compatible DWG
  • Customized data format exchange output and input


  • User-friendly
  • Easy to learn
  • Fast and easy upload and download process
  • Team productivity increase
  • User predefined parameter


Everything you need...
  • Get and see any point reported onto an alignment.
  • Complete COGO. translation/rotation, best line / curve, localization and more…
  • Traverse survey and compass rule on the field. See how it goes before getting back to the office.
  • Translation of GPS base station (shift) in real time to match local system.
  • Easy to use method to get building corner quickly with GPS instrument (one man stand-alone).
  • Fully supported scale factor for distance on the field and on the plan.
  • Calculate new point by offset from a line or close building from 3 or 4 points.
  • Stake roads from LandXML data with one or two alignments.
  • Ability to observe GPS point from different time and get averaged point with complete control over quality (remove/add observation, see difference in 3D).
  • Built-in system upgrade when connected to the computer with internet. Get in touch with new feature
  • without having to download and install anything!


Help at your fingertips
  • On board help include in installation and available on field.
  • Dynamic help file; removed function and configuration are removed from help file.


  • Available in French and English
  • Provide the ability to build your own language file.


Versatility and Simplicity
  • Use and mix any instrument (GPS/TPS) in the same project.
  • Raw data system. Change any setting from GPS to TPS instrument correction like scale factor, pressure/temperature, projection/geoid, instrument height and then get all data recalculated.
  • Set point coordinate to 1D (Z), 2D (YX) or 3D (YXZ); fix state to prevent recalculation.
  • Ability to know where the point and observation came from (key in, topo, traverse, and verification …).


Customizable with a glance
  • Choose your own file format to meet your business needs.
  • Select your own symbols, radio frequencies, antenna, prism and code list to use with your GPS/TPS.
  • Defi ne your own shortcut to any programs, functions or configuration menu from anywhere in the software.
  • Set-up your own configuration file to get started easy and quickly with a new project.
  • Use Project (directory with all files for the project) or a one-file-one-project to store your data.
  • Customize the entire software to keep only what you need and fix configuration that should never change, to prevent misconfiguration on the field.


One way to another
  • Import and export to any file format with a simple right click in Windows.
  • No handheld computer needed to reformat data file to another format.
  • Read and write coordinates directly in the handheld from within your project.
  • Read surface, alignment and profile from LandXML.
  • Get MS-Word RTF report of all survey works on the field. From user data modification to exceeding tolerance on verification, backsight shot, setting out and COGO, including all configurations that may affect data quality. A complete historical report of what was done.


  • View survey data with symbols and connectivity in a full screen.
  • Open any real DWG file to display within VisionTerrain and use entities to create points, line and alignment. See collected data on the field over the DWG.
  • Review and complete the drawing from surveyed points before downloading it.
  • Add notes and pictures to points and see them in any CAD.
  • Compatible with major equipment manufactor like Trimble, Sokkia, Leica, CHC, GENEQ, ... If not yet compatible, will make it !


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