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VisionPlus Software

VisionPlus Software

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  • Powerful Set of COGO Functions
  • Smart Topology Parcel Manager
  • Excellent Points and Connectivity Manager
  • Versatile Least Squares Adjustments
  • Customizable Metes and Bounds Capability
  • Dynamic Building Siting and Staking


Description technique
The technical description output is automated. All that is needed is to choose the administrative entities (cities, circonscriptions…) from list boxes. Many templates used by major land managers are included in the software. Furthermore, the neighbouring lots are automatically found by using the parcel topology.


Parcel Management
MANAGEMENTOne of the great strengths of VisionPlus is its parcel manager. It is designed to draw segments, distance, direction and area annotations, and sinuous lines representing water streams. It is also used to write technical descriptions, generate the owners grid and maintain up to date the lot topology. The lot geometry definition can be achieved in several manners:
  • by picking on screen the points that define the vertexes and the distances,
  • by entering on the keyboard the point numbers and the distances,
  • by selecting the polylines,
  • by selecting a group of segments and distances.


Connectivity Chains
The chain, 2D or 3D, is a list of points that represents the physical elements measured on a topographic surveying. The chains are easily linked to each other.

The chain manager offers a complete graphic interface to enter point numbers. With this tool, 90% of the drawing is automatically completed.


Point Management
MANAGEMENTA point can be drawn with one or more of the following elements: its symbols, its number, its PCodes, its elevation and its notes.

The grouping of many points in a user defined group of points facilitates their usage in other functions. A point is drawn by two different methods, by independent or grouped components. A simple click is all you need to select all the elements of a point drawn by grouped components.


Management of note and photos
The note manager is a land data visualizing tool that helps in the analysis and decision making process. The text and the pictures of a notebook are gathered and linked to the corresponding points. On the plan, the photograph is represented by an icon which is a link to the full size photo. It can manage a wide variety of image file formats (eg: jpeg, gif).


Convertisseur d'unités