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Balance | PMA Quality Paint Mixing Scale

Balance | PMA Quality Paint Mixing Scale

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You'll be amazed by the PMA.Quality paint-mixing scale from Sartorius! Setting the bar high in its operation, equipment, and application possibilities, the PMA.Quality can be used as a standalone scale or connected to a PC or mixing system, and has impressive features that only a true Sartorius paint-mixing scale can offer:
  • USB or RS-232 data interface
    Data exchange is faster and more reliable, guaranteed!
  • Large 14-segment display
    Weight values, paint components, and other important information are clearly displayed for the painter.
  • New keypad overlay design
    Large keys with positive click action give the user clear feedback.
  • Recalculation function
    If formulas are dispensed incorrectly, don’t worry! The PMA.Quality calculates the exact amounts to be re-dispensed quickly and accurately.
  • Built-in formula calculator
    Flexible calculation and easy weighing of various container sizes.
  • Dual-range scale
    The reading accuracy can be increased easily to 0.05 g (over a weighing range of 1000 g) when working with extremely small quantities of paint.
  • Multi-language setup menu
    A selection of language settings enables easy and reliable user guidance during operation.
  • Tested and certified
    Approved for use in areas exposed to the risk of fire (TÜV NORD CERT)
  • Detachable display unit
    Display can be installed as a separate device if extra space is required.
  • Housing parts resistant to solvents
    Can be cleaned extremely easily.
  • High-capacity PMA.Power (35 kg version)
    Don't compromise on quality and accuracy when mixing large paint quantities.


Product Order Number
PMA.Quality PMA7501
PMA.Quality USB and cable PMA7501-000U
PMA.Quality for zone 2 PMA7501-Y
PMA.Quality USB for zone 2 PMA7501-Y00U
In-use cover YDC01PMA
In-use dust cover for weighing pan YDC01PMA-WP
Grounding cable (2 m) YCC01-X046M2
Connection to a PC
RS-232 data cable (2 m) YCC01-0047M2
RS-232 data cable, BPI (2 m) YCC01-0028M2
RS-232 data cable, BPI (20 m) YCC01-0028M20
USB/RS-232 converter cable, SBI YCO12
USB/RS-232 converter cable, BPI YCO13
Technical Specifications
Weighing capacity ranges 999.95 g | 7,500 g
Readability 0.05 g | 0.1 g
Weighing pan ∅ 233 mm
Net weight 3.2 kg


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