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Color Analyzer | Hand-held Color Analyzer Material Testing

Color Analyzer | Hand-held Color Analyzer

Product Code:PCM+

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The ColorTec PCM+ is a low-cost, hand-held analyzer that uses stable, super bright LEd's as the light source.

  • Simple operation, gives quick pass/fail readings and gathers data - all at the push of a button
  • Use portably or connect to ColorSoft® QCW Software for advanced data analysis
  • Save up to 1000 Measurements, upload & download data to PC
  • Small, medium or large aperture for specialized applications. Choose the 3mm model for small targets & graphic art applications, the 10mm model for hard surfaces such as paint,plastics, and coated material, or the 20mm model for measuring foods, cosmetics, and textured materials


Description 3,10, or 20mm aov reflectance colorimeter
Spectral range 400 to 700 nm
Repeatability 0.1 ΔE standard deviation (20 measurements on a gray sample)
Measuring geometry 3mm & 10mm 45/0 - 20mm Diffuse
Measuring time approx. 1/10 second
Measurements per battery approx 10,000
Display 8 Lines, 15 characters LCD
Light source  Light Emitting Diode (LED) array (14 LEDs in 6 spectral bands)
LED life Lifetime warranty
Storage temp -6° to 125°F (-21° to 52°)
Operating temperature 65° to 105°F (18° to 41°C)
Weight 3.35 oz (95 Grams)
Dimensions 5 x 2.25 x 1.25 (Inches)
127 x 57 x 32 (mm)
Power 9 Volt battery or USB Power
Inter-intrument agreement  Less than 0.5 ΔE standard deviation on selected color samples
(10 measurements averaged)


Use the table below to determine which ColorTec PCM+ model will work best for your application
Industry Surface PCM+ Model
Painted Surfaces flat panels 10mm 45/0
curved surfaces 3mm
masonry, stucco, cement 20mm with window
Plastics flat areas 10mm
small parts 3mm
curved surfaces 3mm
textured surfaces 20mm w/window
powders 10mm or 20mm w/window, 30mm bench top
clear films 10mm with white background
Foods & Agriculture cheese, meats 10mm w/window, 20mm w/window
powders, flour, sugar 10mm w/window, 20mm w/window
fruits, outside 10mm
fruits, inside & fish 10mm w/window
leaves, small areas 3mm
soil & grass clippings 20mm w/window, 25mm w/clear bag
coffee, grains, snack foods 20mm or 30mm bench top
liquids, sauces, dairy 30mm bench top
Graphic Arts litho printing 3mm
other printing small 3mm
ink proofs, larger print targets 10mm
Paper finished paper 10mm
paper pulp & paper board 20mm w/window
Textile textile printing 3mm
hard weave 10mm cone
solid colors soft weave 20mm w/window
packages 10mm
Cosmetics foundation drawdowns 10mm
skin, cosmetics on skin 10mm flat head
powders 10mm or 25mm w/window
liquids,creams & lotions 30mm bench top
lipstick 10mm with thin film press
packaging 3 mm


ColorSoft QCW for Windows
The ColorSoft QCW program packs all of the color quality control tools needed for industrial applications in an economical package. Use the QCW program in conjunction with the ColorTec PCM/PSM color instruments for a cost effective flexible system.
  • Quick PASS/FAIL decisions & color comparisons in an easy to use program.
  • Upload Standards or Download measurements taken on the plant floor with ColorTec portable instruments.
  • Create Color Libraries for automatic closest-color searching.
  • Extensive reports include industry-specific indices such as density, brightness, whiteness, yellowness,
    & contrast ratio.
  • Complete Standard Tolerancing capabilities includes CMC elliptical tolerancing.
  • Contains the most common color spaces/scales& illuminants.


Cat. No. Description
COPCM20-00 Hand-Held Color Analyzer PMC+


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