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Grinding mills vibrokinetic energy VKE 1040

Grinding mills vibrokinetic energy VKE 1040

Product Code:Pilot mill

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The 1040 Pilot Mill is designed for small production requirements with a feed range of up to 300 lbs. per hour. The VKE 1040 mill uses a 2.5 hp. motor with capability of 8,300 lbs. of maximum force.

The mill is capable of grinding to less than 3/10 of a micron and it can be incorporated into our adjustable classifying system.Wear liners are made of rubber, urethane, steel or stainless steel.

Adjustable air classifier is capable of a range from 200 mesh down to 3 to 5 microns. And, as with all our mills, the VKE 1040 Pilot mill is capable ofNGS wet or dry processing.

Dimensions 4"W x 3"H x 5"L
Weight *1,200 lbs.
Motor 2.5 hp.
* without grinding material


Cat. No. Description
MIVKE1040- Model 1040 Mill Dry System with 2.5MP Motor
MIVKE10401 Feeder, variable speed SS 1.5" auger
MIVKE10402 Classifier, adjustable particle size
MIVKE10405 Mill rubber liner
MIVKE10406 Alloy steel grinding rods (300 lbs.)
MIVKE104065 Stainless steel grinding balls (300 lbs.)
MIVKE10407 Hard steel grinding balls (300 lbs.)
MIVKE10408 Model 1040 Mill Wet System
MIVKE10409 100 gal. SS tank with 1 in. drain valve and legs


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