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Digital Panel Meter

Digital Panel Meter

Product Code:ProVu Series

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Feature Rich and Flexible
The ProVu® meter boasts specifications and functionality that clearly make it one of the most advanced process meters available. Its dual-line 6-digit display (999,999), advanced signal input conditioning, function keys, Modbus RTU serial communications, and optional expansion modules are only a few of the features found on the ProVu PD6000.


Front Panel Display
Precise, Accurate, and More Informative
ProVu's large 0.6" upper display provides a highly accurate and precise 6-digit view of the process measurement. Its 24-bit A/D is accurate to ±0.03% of calibrated span ±1 count.
The upper display can be programmed to indicate PV, maximum (peak), minimum (valley), alternating maximum / minimum, one of eight alarm set points, or Modbus input. The lower display can also be configured to display engineering units, set points, user defined legends, or simply turned off.
Optional SunBright Display Models
ProVu's SunBright display models have an extraordinarily bright LED display. They are perfect for applications where the meter is in direct sunlight or in applications where visibility may be impaired by smoke, fog, dust, or distance. Option is available on all ProVu models.
Function Keys
There are three function keys available to the user. These keys can be programmed to trigger certain events (i.e. acknowledge alarms, reset max and/or min, disable/enable output relays, or hold current relay states), provide direct menu access points, and more.
A unique front panel design makes the ProVu digital panel meter nearly impenetrable in typical applications. Here, the ProVu easily survives a direct hit on the display from a heavy 2" solid stainless steel ball dropped from eight feet.
Easy to Use
The user friendly dual-line display makes the ProVu easy to set up & program. No jumpers to set for input selection. All setup & programming is done via the front panel. Three levels of password protection help maintain the reliability of the programming.
Dual-Scale Display Feature
The ProVu PD6000 has a rather unique and very flexible dual-scale capability; a second scaled display can represent the measured input in a different form (i.e. gallons & height). This is of particular value in level applications. Please see the examples shown below. Both displays are independently scaled and are based on the 4-20 mA input signal. Beyond level, this function has been used for pressure & force, current & power, feet & meters, GPM & CFM, and more.
Three Tier Password Protection
The ProVu offers 3 levels of password protection:
  • Level 1 protection allows the operator use of only the 3 pre-configured function keys on the front panel without a password.
  • Level 2 protection allows the operator use of only the function keys and the ability to change set points without a password.
  • Level 3 protection restricts the operator from using the function keys and all meter configuration menus without a password.
Advanced Linearization Capability
The ProVu includes a 32-point linearizer. In non-linear level applications (i.e. some pumping or lift stations), it can easily compensate for submerged equipment or plumbing that displace usable volume. A second independent 8-point linearizer is available for a second scaled display (PV2) when "Level" function is enabled. Precision Digital's free MeterView Pro PC-based software greatly simplifies the construction of the linearization tables. The software can save this data to the meter and/or PC.
On-Board Digital Input
The PD6000 includes a digital input as standard. This digital input can operate with the tare, reset tare, or interlock relays feature, force relays on from a signal from a PLC or relay on other equipment, and much more. This is ideal for installations where the meter is inaccessible behind a cover, or where an additional function key is needed for customized operation.
The rounding feature is used to give the user a steadier display with fluctuating signals. It causes the display to round to the nearest value according to the rounding value selected (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100). For example, with a rounding value of 10, and a input of 12346, the display would indicate 12350.
Max/Min Display
Max/Min (or Peak/Valley) is standard on the ProVu PD6000. Either display can be configured to show either maximum or minimum excursion since last reset. The displays can also be configured to toggle between Max and Min values. Both values can be simply reset from the front panel


Digital Communications
Modbus® RTU Serial Communications
With the purchase of a serial communication adapter, ProVu meters can communicate with any Modbus Master device using the ever-popular Modbus communications protocol that is included in every ProVu. This greatly increases the flexibility of the meter. Modbus provides much more capability than read PV and write set points. Below are some examples of other things that can be done with ProVu's Modbus communications.
  • Send a 6-character message to the lower
    display upon an event
  • Convert a digital value to a 4-20 mA signal
  • Remote user control
    (i.e. change set points, acknowledge alarms)
  • Input a Modbus digital PV
    (in place of analog input)
  • Remote override of any, or all, relays
    and analog outputs
Meter Copy
The Copy feature is used to copy (or clone) all the settings from one ProVu to other ProVu meters in about 20 seconds! The Copy function is a standard feature on all meters. It does not require a communications adapter, only an optional cable assembly, P/N PDA1200. See the ordering information for complete details.


Field Expansion Modules
Add functionality to the ProVu in the field with easy-to-install external expansion modules. Add RS-232, RS-485, or USB communications, digital I/O modules (up to 2), and a 4-relay expansion module, for a possible 4 total expansion modules. The menu items for these modules do not appear until the module is connected, simplifying the basic menu. Relay and digital I/O modules are shown with optional DIN rail mounting kit, P/N PDA1002. These expansion modules connect to the ProVu  via an M-Link cable which is provided with each expansion module...
PDA1004 Relay Expansion Module
An external module containing four 3 A Form A (SPST) relays can be added to the ProVu at anytime. Removable screw terminal blocks accept 12 to 22 AWG wire.
PDA1044 Digital I/O Expansion Module
Four digital inputs and four digital outputs are available per expansion module. The PROVU meter will accept two of these modules. External digital inputs can function similarly to the front panel function keys or on-board digital input F4. They can be configured to trigger certain events (i.e. acknowledge/reset alarms, reset max and/or min values, disable / enable all output relays, and hold current relay states), provide direct menu access point, or mimic front panel keys. The I/O module can be used to configure the PROVU remotely, in essence giving the user control of the four front panel push buttons. This feature is particularly useful if the meter is mounted inside an explosion-proof enclosure.

Digital outputs can be used to remotely monitor PROVU's alarm relay output states, or the states of a variety of actions and functions executed by the meter. roVu at anytime. Removable screw terminal blocks accept 12 to 22 AWG wire.
PDA1232, PDA1485, & PDA8008 Communication Modules
Serial communications on the ProVu can be added anytime with external PDA1232 (RS-232), PDA1485 (RS-485), or PDA8008 (USB) communication adapters.

Free Modbus protocol with purchase of ProVu serial communications modules. MeterView Pro free monitoring and control software is also available for use with these adapters...


General Specifications

Monitor and Datalog





Relay Outputs
The ProVu has up to four 3 A Form C relays (SPDT) with multiple power loss fail-safe options. Relays can be configured for proper protective action upon input loop break. Relay ON and OFF delay times are user adjustable. Up to eight front panel indicators show alarm and/or relay state. All relays can be configured for 0-100% deadband.
Relay Operation/Configuration
There are powerful relay functions that can be configured in the ProVu meter, including: Automatic reset only (non-latching)
  • Automatic + manual reset at any time (non-latching)
  • Latching (manual reset only)
  • Latching with Clear (manual reset only after alarm condition has cleared)
  • Pump alternation control (automatic reset only)
  • Sampling (activated for a user-specified time)
  • User selectable fail-safe operation
  • Relay action for loss (break) of 4-20 mA input signal
  • Time delay (on and off), independent for each relay
  • Manual control mode
  • Interlock relay mode
Analog Output
The isolated analog retransmission signal can be configured to represent the process variable (PV), maximum (peak) value, minimum (valley) value, the value for any of the eight relay set points, or Modbus input. While the output is nominally 4-20 mA, the signal will accurately accommodate under- and over-ranges from 1 to 23 mA.
Manual Output Control
Take control of any output with this feature. All relays can be forced ON or OFF, and the 4-20 mA output signal can be set to any value within its range. When the relays and 4-20 mA output are controlled manually, an LED labeled "M" is turned on and the associated Alarm LEDs (1-8) flash every 10 seconds indicating that the meter is in manual control mode.
Isolated Transmitter Power Supplies
A powerful 24 V @ 200 mA power supply is a standard feature on the ProVu meter. It can be configured for 5, 10, or 24 V (default) by means of a simple internal jumper (see manual). An additional power supply (24 V @ 40 mA) is standard with the 4-20 mA output option.
Sampling Function (PV Triggered Timed Relay)
The sampling function allows the operator to set a set point for a "sampling" relay. When the PV reaches that set point, it will close that relay's contacts for a preset period of time (0.1 to 5999.9 seconds). An example of its use may be for beer/ale fermentation. When the batch reaches a certain pH, the relay contacts would close and by some means (light, horn, etc.) alert someone to take a sample, or provide the trigger to automatically take a sample of the batch. The utility of this function can, of course, be expanded beyond sampling and be used whenever a timed relay output closure is required when the PV reaches a certain set point.
Interlock Relay(s)
This function allows a process to use one or more very low voltage input signals or simple switch contacts to control the state of one or more internal "interlock" relays. A violation (i.e. loss of input, open switch, or open circuit) forces one or more N/O interlock relay contacts to open. One input can be used in series with a number of interlock switches, or up to eight inputs can be required to force-on one (or more) internal interlock relays. Please see Application Note AN-1008 on our website for more information. Requires PDA1044 Digital I/O module or use of on-board digital input F4.

Note: Requires PDA1044 Digital I/O module.


Signal input conditioning
Non-linear input signals (i.e. weirs & flumes, differential pressure, etc.) can be linearized with the ProVu's simple to use built-in signal input conditioners, such as: square-root extractor, exponential linearizer, horizontal round tank linearizer, or the ProVu's powerful general purpose 32-point linearizer.

Weir Flow Calculated Using Exponential
Math Function

Round Horizontal Tank Math Function

Multi-Pump Alternation
For pump control applications where 2 or more similar pumps are used to control the level of a tank or a well, it is desirable to have the pumps operate alternately; this prevents excessive wear and overheating of one pump over the lack of use of the others. The ProVu can accommodate up to 8 pumps. In the example below, a pair of relays have been set up to alternate every time an on/off pump cycle is completed. Another pair of relays is used for low and high alarms.

Relay #4 turns the main pump on at 6000 gallons and turns it off at 1000 gallons.

With the Pump Alternation feature activated, the next time the level reaches 6000 gallons,
relay #3 transfers and starts the backup pump.

If the backup pump is not able to keep up, and the level reaches 7000 gallons,
relay #4 transfers and starts the main pump as well.

Relay #2 trips the High Level Alarm at 7500 gallons and resets at 6900 gallons.

Relay #1 trips the Low Level Alarm at 495 gallons and resets at 750 gallons.


NEMA 4, NEMA 4X, and Explosion-Proof Enclosures
Thermoplastic and stainless steel NEMA 4X, and painted steel NEMA 4 enclosures are available. Also available is the ProtEX-MAX for hazardous area applications requiring explosion-proof enclosures. Used the links below for more information




Except where noted all specifications apply to operation at +25°C
Display Upper display: 0.60" (15 mm) high. Lower display: 0.46" (12 mm) high. Both are 6 digits (-99999 to 999999), red LEDs.
Display Intensity Eight intensity levels
Display Update Rate 5/second (200 ms)
Overrange Display flashes 999999
Underrange Display flashes -99999
Display Assignment The upper and lower displays may be assigned to PV1, PV2, PCT (percent), d r-u, d gross, d nt-g, max/min, alternate max & min, set points, units (lower display only), or Modbus input.
Front Panel NEMA 4X, IP65
Programming Methods Four front panel buttons, digital inputs, PC and MeterView Pro software, Modbus registers, or cloning using Copy function.
F4 Digital Input Contacts 3.3 VDC on contact. Connect normally open contacts across F4 to COM.
F4 Digital Input Logic Levels Logic High: 3 to 5 VDC
Logic Low 0 to 1.25 VDC
Noise filter Programmable from 2 to 199 (0 will disable filter)
Filter Bypass Programmable from 0.1 to 99.9% of calibrated span
Recalibration Calibrated at the factory. Recalibration is recommended at least every 12 months.
Max/Min Display Max / min readings reached by the process are stored until reset by the user or until power to the meter is turned off.
Password Three programmable passwords restrict modification of programmed settings.
Non-Volatile Memory All programmed settings are stored in nonvolatile memory for a minimum of ten years if power is lost.
Power Options 85-265 VAC 50/60 Hz, 90-265 VDC, 20 W max, or jumper selectable 12/24 VDC ±10%, 15 W max.
Fuse Required external fuse: UL Recognized, 5 A max, slow blow; up to 6 meters may share one 5 A fuse.
Isolated Transmitter Power Supply Terminals P+ & P-: 24 VDC ± 10%. 12/24 VDC powered models selectable for 24, 10, or 5 VDC supply (internal jumper J4).

ProVu Series (PD6000):
85-265 VAC models rated @ 200 mA max, 12/24 VDC powered models rated @ 100 mA max, @ 50 mA max for 5 or 10 VDC supply.
Isolation 4 kV input/output-to-power line. 500 V input-to-output or output-to-P+ supply.
Overvoltage Category Installation Overvoltage Category II: Local level with smaller transient overvoltages than Installation Overvoltage Category III.
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 65°C
  • Storage temperature range: -40 to 85°C
  • Relative humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Max Power Dissipation PD8 Series: Maximum power dissipation limited to 15.1 W. See PD8 instruction manual for additional details.
Connections Removable screw terminal blocks accept 12 to 22 AWG wire, RJ45 for external relays, digital I/O, and serial communication adapters.
Enclosure 1/8 DIN, high impact plastic, UL 94V-0, color: black
Mounting 1/8 DIN panel cutout required: 3.622" x 1.772" (92 mm x 45 mm). Two panel mounting bracket assemblies are provided.
Tightening Torque Screw terminal connectors: 5 lb-in (0.56 Nm)
Dimensions 4.68" x 2.45" x 5.64" (119 mm x 62 mm x 143 mm) (W x H x D)
Weight 9.5 oz (269 g)
UL File Number UL & C-UL Listed. E160849; 508 Industrial Control Equipment.
Warranty 3 years parts & labor
Process Input
Inputs Field selectable: 0-20, 4-20 mA, ±10 VDC (0-5, 1-5, 0-10 V), Modbus PV (Slave)
Accuracy ±0.03% of calibrated span ±1 count, square root & programmable exponent accuracy range: 10-100% of calibrated span
Temperature Drift 0.005% of calibrated span/°C max from 0 to 65°C ambient, 0.01% of calibrated span/°C max from -40 to 0°C ambient
Signal Input Conditioning Linear, square root, programmable exponent, or round horizontal tank volume calculation.
Multi-Point Linearization 2 to 32 points for PV or PV1. 2 to 8 points for PV2 (Dual-Scale Level feature)
Programmable Exponent 1.0001 to 2.9999
Low-Flow Cutoff 0-999999 (0 disables cutoff function)
Decimal Point Up to five decimal places or none: d.ddddd, dd.dddd,ddd.ddd, dddd.dd, ddddd.d, or dddddd.
Calibration Range 4-20 mA: minimum span input 1 & input 2: 0.15 mA. ±10 V: minimum span input 1 & 2: 0.10 V. An Error message will appear if input 1 and input 2 signals are too close together.
Input Impedance Voltage ranges: greater than 1 MΩ. Current ranges: 50 - 100 Ω
(depending on resettable fuse impedance).
Input Overload Current input protected by resettable fuse, 30 VDC max.
Rating 2 or 4 SPDT (Form C) internal and/or 4 SPST (Form A) external; rated 3 A @ 30 VDC and 125/250 VAC resistive load; 1/14 HP (≈ 50 watts) @ 125/250 VAC for inductive loads such as contactors, solenoids, etc.
Noise Suppression Noise suppression is recommended for each relay contact switching inductive loads.
Deadband 0-100% of span, user programmable
High or Low Alarm User may program any alarm for high or low trip point. Unused alarm LEDs and relays may be disabled (turned off).
Relay Operation automatic (non-latching), latching (requires manual acknowledge), sampling (based on time), pump alternation control (2 to 8 relays), Off (disable unused relays and enable interlock feature, manual on/off control mode).
Relay Reset User selectable via front panel buttons or digital inputs.

   1. Automatic reset only (non-latching), when input passes the reset point.
   2. Automatic + manual reset at any time (non-latching).
   3. Manual reset only, at any time (latching).
   4. Manual reset only after alarm condition has cleared (latching).

Note: Front panel button or digital input may be assigned to acknowledge relays programmed for manual reset.
Time Delay 0 to 999.9 seconds, on & off relay time delays. Programmable and independent for each relay.
Fail-Safe Operation Programmable and independent for each relay.
Note: Relay coil is energized in non-alarm condition. In case of power failure, relay will go to alarm state.
Auto Initialization When power is applied to the meter, relays will reflect the state of the input to the meter.
Serial Communications
Protocol Modbus® RTU
Meter Address / Slave ID 1 - 247
Baud Rate 300 - 19,200 bps
Transmit Time Delay Programmable between 0 and 199 ms or transmitter always on for RS-422 communication
Data 8 bit (1 start bit, 1 or 2 stop bits)
Parity Even, odd, or none with 1 or 2 stop bits
Byte-to-Byte Timeout 0.01 - 2.54 seconds
Turn Around Delay Less than 2 ms (fixed)
Note: Refer to the PD6000/PD7000 Modbus Register Tables for details
Isolated 4-20 mA Transmitter Output
Output Source Process variable (PV), max, min, set points 1-8, manual control setting, or Modbus input
Scaling Range 1.000 to 23.000 mA for any display range
Calibration Factory calibrated: 4.000 to 20.000 = 4-20 mA output
Analog Output Programming 23.000 mA maximum for all parameters:
Overrange, underrange, max, min, and break
Accuracy ± 0.1% of span ± 0.004 mA
Temperature Drift 0.4 µA/°C max from 0 to 65°C ambient, 0.8 µA/°C max from -40 to 0°C ambient
Note: Analog output drift is separate from input drift.
Isolated Transmitter Power Supply Terminals I+ & R: 24 VDC ±10% . May be used to power the 4-20 mA output or other devices.
ProVu Series (PD6000) All models rated @ 40 mA max.
(PD8 Series)
All models @ 25 mA max.
Power supply Minimum Maximum
24 VDC 10Ω 700Ω
35 VDC (external) 100Ω 1200Ω
Digital I/O Expansion Module
Channels 4 digital inputs & 4 digital outputs per module
System Up to 2 modules for a total of 8 inputs & 8 outputs
Digital Input Logic High: 3 to 5 VDC Low: 0 to 1.25 VDC
Digital Output Logic High: 3.1 to 3.3 VDC Low: 0 to 0.4 VDC
Source Current 10 mA maximum
Sink Current 1.5 mA minimum
+5 V Terminal To be used as pull-up for digital inputs only
4-Relay Expansion Module
Relays (4) Form A (SPST) rated 3 A @ 30 VDC and 125/250 VAC resistive load; 1/14 HP (approx. 50 watts) @ 125/250 VAC for inductive loads


Mounting Dimensions
1. Panel cutout required: 1.772" x 3.622" (45mm x 92mm)
2. Panel thickness: 0.040 - 0.250" (1.0mm - 6.4mm)
3. Mounting brackets lock in place for easy mounting
4. Clearance: Allow 6" (152 mm) behind the panel.


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